Theming: A Passionate Embrace

Express your individuality with a theme led by your passions.

    Express your individuality with a theme led by your passions. 

    Be inspired by nature


    • Pay homage to your favourite beaches, mountains, plants or birds by naming tables after them.
    • Large leaves make great coasters – pick them early in the day and keep them submersed in water until just before the celebration starts.
    • Ass a fresh take to the table by pinning name cards to pieces of fruit or collections of wild berries.
    • Sweeten up a glass of bubbly or soda water with hibiscus flowers in syrup.

    Be inspired by travel


    • Send postcard save-the-dates to put guests in the travel mood. Make your invitations in the form of a boarding pass.
    • Give each guest a worldly treasure to take home, such as imported lollies. Luggage tags make cute place cards and double as favours.
    • Vintage suitcases can be lined with plastic and used to hold bottles of soft drink, juice or water, and even as buckets of ice for beer and wine.
    • Play global music, and for your first swirl on the dance floor as husband and wife choose an international dance such as the rumba or salsa. 

    Be inspired by art


    • Look to the Great Masters when naming tables or creating your drinks menu – think Rene Magritte Margarita, Edvard Munch Punch, Da Vinci’s Martini, Picasso’s Mojito.
    • Consider tying the knot in a gallery or museum.
    • A sculptural bouquet style, with varying textures and tonalities, becomes a piece of art itself.
    • Use easels to display seating charts and menus.

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