How To: Build Anticipation Ahead of W-Day

Creating an A+ wedding day begins with an A+ buildup.

    Creating an A+ wedding day begins with an A+ buildup. For more ideas on putting together a brilliant bash, see our Winter issue, on sale now!

    • A good invitation should say ‘You’re in for something special’ before it’s even been opened. From typography to envelope style, it pays to consider your choice carefully. Planning a lavish do in the city’s poshest hotel? Cursive golden fonts embossed on heavyweight cotton paper say, ‘It’s time to scrub up.’
    • Unless you’ve got destination vows in the works, invitations should be sent eight weeks ahead of W-day. While that might not seem like a long time, in reality that’s eight weeks for your guests’ invitation-induced ‘OMG-can’t-wait’ mood to begin resembling a ‘Which-weekend’s-that-wedding-again?’ one. Technology comes to the rescue, though! A Facebook event page – or your own wedding website – offers the perfect way to tantalise guests with snippets of what’s to come: think menu ideas, sneak peeks at guest favours and music options. Ask friends to contribute song ideas – everyone likes to feel involved.
    • Getting guests acquainted with each other ahead of the big day is a solid buzz-builder. Once again, the web’s a useful tool: use your Facebook event or website to run ‘guest of the week’ features: include a light-hearted Q&A or a fun fact about your guest of choice.

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