Bridal Buzz: May 30

The most exciting skincare revelation of the year thus far and the hottest new destination to say 'I do' – we bring you this week's Bridal Buzz.

  • Story by Photo Jackie Meiring

Above: Gold, diamond and garnet rings all by Meadowlark, silk cape with beading by A La Robe.

The most exciting skincare news of the year thus far and the hottest new destination to say 'I do' – we bring you this week's Bridal Buzz. 


Skincare superstars
Take a deep breath, everyone, and prepare for news so good you’ll have to reread this paragraph a couple of times to believe it: luxe skincare brand Dermalogica has dropped their prices across the entire range. For good. Not for the Queen’s birthday weekend, not for the month of May, not for any finite period of time at all. Quite simply, products have plummeted in price – by an average of 23 per cent, no less – for now and (hopefully until at least the next major economic inflation) ever after. Dermalogica says it’s to deter customers from buying unauthorised product. We say it’s the best news we’ve heard all year.

For him
Number One Shoes’ new men’s leather collection is a sight to behold: there are dress shoes with the most sophisticated of shines, brogues that are stitched, punched and polished to a level of perfection Martha Stewart would be proud of, and boots with soles so sturdy you could spend the whole day jogging over piles of gravel with barely a flinch. The only thing missing? Your groom’s feet. Get him fitted up in store – the full collection is on shelves now. 

Fiji fun
Imagine exchanging vows on sugar white sand against a backdrop of salty waves lapping lazily onto the shore. Perfection! Then, what if you jet boated to another island for a three-night honeymoon? Bliss! It’s time to double check your passport’s expiry date and seek out a seriously chic kaftan – Fiji’s Plantation Island has a deal going: book a destination wedding (and 20 rooms for your guests) and you’ll receive a three-night honeymoon at Lomani Island Resort for free. 

Destination I do
Always envisaged saying ‘I do’ in Bora Bora? Well good thing, then, that they’ve given the Tahitian wedding laws a rejig: until now, a minimum 30-day residence requirement meant you’d have had to settle for a ‘symbolic’ ceremony preceded or followed by considerably less picturesque vows in a Kiwi registry office. Now, your overwater chapel ceremony set against a Tahitian sunset can finally be the real deal. Find a resort and send out your save-the-dates – it’s time for French champagne all round!

Sharing the love
Want to make sure your big-day Instagrams earn a hefty stack of likes? We’ve got just the person you should talk to: Hollywood's newest newlywed, Kim K herself. The couple's ‘kiss the bride’ moment, shared by Kim two days ago, has officially become the most popular ‘gram uploaded. Ever. We're still not sure how we feel about that, but so far the snap has racked up 1.93 million likes. And counting. 

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