Bridal Buzz: May 2

Best-ever bridesmaid dresses, must-have beauty accessories and the latest in saintly skincare. We give you the lowdown on this week's Bridal Buzz.

    Best-ever bridesmaid dresses, must-have beauty accessories and the latest in saintly skincare. We give you the lowdown on this week's Bridal Buzz. 
    (Above: Trelise Cooper dress, $699)

    Uber-stylish Storage
    Nothing says ‘I take my appearance seriously’ quite like a boxy cosmetic case. Especially when it’s made of wine-coloured faux snakeskin and features a satisfyingly smooth-running zip. It’s the newest addition to MOR’s collection of didn’t-know-we-needed-them-til-we-saw-them luxuries. Perfect for a number of things (honeymoon luggage, big-day makeup storage, beautifying your bathroom counter) this buy is insanely easy to justify.

    Saintly Skincare
    We all know going barefaced is a sure-fire way to keep pores clear, but the fact remains that just because there’s a wedding coming up, doesn’t mean there’s not still meetings to hold and coffee dates to attend. The answer? Benefit’s newest contribution to the world of just-enough coverage: Big Easy. It’s the 'diet' foundation of the makeup world, if you will: it gets the job done, but compared to a thick coating of long-wear foundation it’s got a fraction of the unvirtuous effects. The best part? It hits stores this weekend. See you at the counter!

    Accessory Faves
    There’s a reason black’s an enduring classic: it looks really good. Another thing that looks really good? Max’s Vintage Floral collection. Despite what the name suggests, the Kiwi label’s newest offerings aren’t all take-me-home-to-meet-your-mum sweet – there’s a notable presence of shadowy bling in the mix: blackened crystals, chunky wrist chains – it’s the perfect way to infuse an ensemble with an ever-so-tasteful (only slightly gothic) edge.

    Best Dressed
    We’ve seen Trelise Cooper’s Spring 2015 collection. Our verdict? It quite literally has it all: ruffles, pleats, layers (not all together of course) and a strong dose of sparkle for good measure. Consider us obsessed. So if you’re hitting the shops (for any reason whatsoever, really – engagement do, hen party, an extra special bridesmaid’s ensemble) try and wait until at least July, when these beauties hit the racks. You won’t be disappointed, we absolutely promise. 

    Engagement Alert
    We all know it by now: George Clooney is officially off the market. And as with any celeb engagement, as soon as we head the news our minds flicked straight into bling mode. Needless to say, Clooney’s choice of sparkler didn’t disappoint: highly appropriate for girlfriend Amal Alamuddin (who’s a human rights laywer by trade) the seven-carat ring features an ethically-mined emerald-cut diamond. From the king of suave itself, we’d expect no less. 

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