Bridal Buzz: April 11

Stay up to date with all that’s new and noted in the world of weddings – we give you the lowdown on this week’s bridal buzz.

    Stay up to date with all that’s new and noted in the world of weddings – we give you the lowdown on this week’s bridal buzz.

    Light of my life
    Winter brides, this one’s for you: if, in the lead-up to ‘I do’, you only absorb one décor-styling message that we send your way, let it be this: never will there be an adornment that works a room quite like the humble candle. Scatter them on tables, perch them on windowsills, dot them around the bathroom. Limits? What limits? This season’s waxy wonders come in all shapes and sizes: from pineapples to woodland creatures, there is quite literally a candle to suit every big-day theme. Lighters at the ready please!

    Show time
    It’s going to be a busy weekend for soon-to-be-weds with The Grand Wedding Show, the Wellington Wedding Show and the Christchurch Wedding Show set to beckon brides the country over. We’re packed and ready to go for both Auckland and Wellington, so pop along, say hello and help yourself to a reduced-price subscription and a handful of free marshmallows. We can’t wait!

    Sharp dressed man
    Is your groom-to-be on the hunt for his big day bling? Point him in the direction of Crane Brothers’ new jewellery collection – if the campaign imagery alone isn’t enough to draw him in, we don’t what will be. Fruit, animals, cufflinks – you name it, artist Richard Orjis has captured it. Quirky and unexpected yet decidedly slick, we’d expect nothing less from Murray Crane. 

    On your bike
    If you thought your cycling days were over the day you passed your driving test, think again: bikes are back, and they’re vying for a wedding invite. Call it nostalgia, call eco-theming gone too far, call it whatever you want – there’s no denying how chic a vintage bike appears wrapped in blousy blooms, or whimsical the atmosphere becomes when a couple enters their reception aboard a tandem two-wheeler. The bike is the new matrimonial must-have – start spreading the news, then get on Trademe pronto.

    Make an escape
    If you’re anything like us, this week’s 6.30 sunsets and chillier-than-normal breezes have had you jumping at every mention of the word airfare. Lucky for you, there’s a honeymoon to plan, and if your idea of the ideal escape includes sand, sun and palm trees then our latest getaway idea will be right up your alley: set on the shores of sunny Fiji, The Intercontinental is beachside bliss defined. Sun? Check. Lagoons? Check. Cocktails? Check. Get the credit card out and get booking before we beat you to it. 

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