Take our word for it: Make your wedding memorable

Searching for the perfect details to make your wedding moments extra special - here's how New Zealand couples made their big day memorable.

  • Story by Photography Helge Eek

Searching for the perfect details to make your wedding moments extra special -  here's how New Zealand couples made their big day memorable.


“To make a grand entrance, my mum dad and I arrived by helicopter – a surprise to my parents and guests!” Chris, Taupo.

“Four family members and friends gave readings or sang at our ceremony. Before they began they shared how they met each of us and why they believed in our love.” Tanya, Auckland.

“To thank each person in our bridal party, before the vows we stated a few things we loved about them. It triggered laughter, and some tears!” Maria, Wellington.

“One of my friends is an incredible musician, so as her gift to us she played the guitar as guests arrived and sang during the signing of the register.” Merin, Nelson.

Family Rituals
“To honour my husband’s Hispanic roots, we incorporated two rituals into the ceremony and printed explanations of the rites in the programme.” Sarah, Auckland.

“Both sets of our grandparents had died, so we acknowledged them in the programme and in their honour a group from our church rang bells.” Beatrice, Wanaka.

“We involved my children from a previous relationship: my husband made vows to them and presented each of them with a special necklace.” Tina, Auckland

“Having always been an incredibly special person in my life, my godmother became a certified celebrant to marry us. Now her bond with my husband is as strong as hers and mine.” Julia, Gisborne.

“We married on a hot summer afternoon. As guests arrived they were each given different coloured parasols to shield them from the sun, and that also made for great photos.” Kya, Upper Hutt.

“During our engagement my husband and I collected beautiful big shells and driftwood from our favourite beaches, and used them to create and aisle at our beach ceremony. Our MC invited guests to take them on departure.” Anna, Birkenhead.

“In addition to lighting a unity candle together, we distributed candles to guests when they arrived to the ceremony. When I arrived the room was aglow.” Valerie, Wellington.

“My husband and I left our beach ceremony in a hot air balloon. Each guest was given a white helium balloon when they arrived, which they released into the air as we rose up.” Danni, Queenstown.

“Instead of seating people in rows we asked guests to make a circle around us during the ceremony and to join hands when we were announced husband and wife.” Beatrice, Wanaka.

“At the start of the ceremony our celebrant asked our 100 guests to bless our rings. They all made their way around the church and then returned to our nephew, the ring bearer, who presented them to us.” Karen, New Plymouth.

“We placed Polaroid cameras on a table at our cliff-top ceremony. One of our attendants asked guests to take a photograph of some aspect of the area. At the reception a book was circulated, where people could write a note next to the photograph they took.” Sam, Whitford.

“In lieu of a gift we asked each of our guests to bring an arrangement of flowers in our colour theme of purple. When they arrived at the ceremony we had them placed on pillars around the location, then transferred to the reception. This way we didn’t have to organise flowers ourselves, and after the wedding we gave them all to the local hospital.” Sally, Papakura.

“We were marrying in my parents’ garden, so we scattered empty white bird cages and gilted mirrors, and at the end of the ceremony we released doves.” Tanya, Auckland.

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