Win Your Dream Wedding 2013: Amanda's Blog Week One

Amanda Radich shares her whirlwind first week as the winning bride of Win Your Dream Wedding.

    Amanda Radich shares her whirlwind first week as the 2013 winning bride of Win Your Dream Wedding.

    After New Zealand Weddings and their dream team Skyped us to announce that we won, Michael and I were so excited. We immediately headed to my parents’ place to share the good news. My mum was beside herself – she pulled out her address book and started phoning every single one of her friends.

    The very next day, we heard from Gayle Garmaz, our wedding planner (and fairy godmother!). After congratulating us, she sent through a guest list for us to fill out, asked for Michael and his groomsmen’s suit sizes, and whether we would like our Cocoa Berry invitations sent electronically or by post – we opted for post. We also discussed our colour palette, eventually deciding on an elegant combination of white, gold and peach.

    That Friday I took a day of annual leave and hit the shops with Mum. We bought props for guests to have fun with in the photo booth, matching dressing gowns and slippers for my bridesmaids and me, and (by Gayle’s recommendation) matching black socks for the boys. We also looked at Anna Schimmel’s website to try and pick a favourite dress – a near-impossible task due to her inordinate number of incredible gowns!

    Saturday was an extremely busy day. After our 6.45am flight to Auckland, our first visit was to Anna Schimmel where, within 10 minutes of our arrival, I had several different types of fabric pinned to me in the vague shape of my dress - what a talented woman! From there we headed to get my bridal shoes at Trousseau (I have never seen a store full of so much sparkle!) and then to Carats – Michael and I both chose our wedding rings, which will be handmade especially for us.

    By the time we had our first visit to Auckland Art Gallery, Michael and I were speechless – it’s a perfect blend of Victorian-style architecture and 21st Century design. We still can’t believe we’re getting married in such a beautiful space. Blair from Urban Gourmet was there to talk through catering with us, and fill us in on know how everything would come together on the day.

    Next up, we visited Kelly from Victor to discuss ideas for bridesmaid dresses and styles, eventually deciding on long, peach-hued dresses with a sweetheart neckline to fit with our colour scheme. Finally, it was Michael’s turn at Frank Casey where Gayle and I dressed him in a formal suit complete with a bowtie. Our celebrant Melanie Kerr met us there, and talked with us about our ceremony.

    Our day finished up in the same place it started, with Anna Schimmel. This time I tried on a calico – I don’t want to reveal too much, but I can definitely say it’s looking to be an amazing creation!

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