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Take a leaf out of Leaf and Honey’s book for wedding flowers to exquisitely embellish your big day

    Take a leaf out of Leaf and Honey’s book for wedding flowers to exquisitely embellish your big day. We spoke to Naomi Saffer for some expert advice.

    How would you describe your design style? Beautiful, relaxed and feminine. We love full-petalled blooms, delicate foliage and intricate textures. Our style is all about the most stunning blooms and effortless beauty.

    How should a bride start her flower search? Think about what is important – the look and smell of your flowers, or a variety you’d like to include for sentimental reasons. Get an idea of what you like visually (Pinterest is a great tool) and set up meetings with florists, who can let you know what is in season.

    How does a bride prepare for a consultation? Collect photos of flowers you like, or colours you want to use. As extra guidance, bring a copy of your invitations and a snippet of fabric from your dress and those of the bridesmaids.

    When should a bride place her order? It’s nice to start the process around six to nine months before the wedding.

    What should a bride consider in planning her floral style? Consider the overall look you want to achieve, and how your flowers can reflect your individual style. Look at what is in season, but if a favourite flower isn’t available there will be an equally beautiful equivalent.

    How does a bride match her bouquet with her dress?Dress and flower styles should complement each other. The more detail a dress has, the more I would simplify the flower design.

    What’s the most popular bouquet style?Most of our brides like a relaxed garden look: breathtaking blooms that look as though they are handpicked from the garden. Tuberose, gardenias and sweetpeas are very fragrant and match this style.

    How should a bride care for her bouquet?Pop your bouquet in water whenever you can to help it stay looking fresh for as long as possible on the day.

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