Dress advice: Bridesmaids/Flower girls/ Mother of the Bride

Dress 'dos' for your bridesmaids, flower girls and mother of the bride.

  • Story by Photo Kate Robinson

Now you have your dress organised – it is time to focus on the other important dresses for the day. The time of year, event formality and colour scheme should top the list of considerations when choosing attire for your bridal party.

Although bridesmaids traditionally wear matching dresses, this is not a must for modern matrimony. One way to have a cohesive ensemble but allow for personalisation is with dress style. If your girls have different body shapes invite your ‘maids to choose their own silhouettes in line with your colour palette or theme. Alternatively, consider one dress style such as short, strapless frock and allow for variance in colour or print.
Befitting the day’s formality, your bridesmaid dresses should be in sync with your gown. Typically, a long dress is befitting for a formal occasion while a shorter skirt suits a more casual vibe. Convey your expectations for accessories such as shoes, cover-ups and jewellery – these details will also tie the overall look together.

Flower Girls
Often flower girls dresses are the same shade as the bridal gown, made distinct with a colourful sash. Otherwise the colour matches the bridesmaids’ frocks. Regardless of the dress style you choose, consider a lightweight cover-up. A cardigan will ward off an evening chill in the warmer months, while sumptuous velvet is a must for a winter celebration. On the day, suggest that your little princess gets dressed at the last minute, so that her gown is wrinkle-free for the walk down the aisle.

Mother of the Bride
Consider the bridesmaids’ colour palette so your mother’s ensemble doesn’t clash with theirs in the photos. Attire in a similar shade to both the bridesmaid and the flower girl dresses could work well. Decorative prints and solid hues are on trend – the only no-no is white, unless it’s an all-white wedding. Traditionally the mother of the bride’s attire will complement that of the groom’s mother, but not match – ask them to liase with each other. A fascinator or hat is a popular accessory for the mother of the bride, while a wrist or lapel corsage also adds an eye-catching finishing touch. Consider spending a day out dress-hunting with your mum or fiancé’s mother – it could be another fun part of planning your celebration.

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