Bridal hair- 4 ways

Recreate these four elegant hairstyles in four easy steps

  • Story by Photos Carolyn Haslett

Recreate these four elegant hairstyles in four easy steps

SKY HIGH Best for: Medium to long hair

1. Wash your hair one to two days before you style it- if it's too clean it will be floppy.

2. Tie hair into a very high ponytail using an elastic band.

3. Back comb the inside of the ponytail over an area of about 4cm, turn the hair into itself and tuck the end in under the elastic. Secure the edges with pins and splay the hair as shown in the photograph (below).

4. Spray with hairspray to secure the 'do.

5. To keep your hair looking the part throughout the day, get your bridesmaids to keep an eye out for any stray hairs falling out of place, and secure them back in place with hairspray and pins.

WAVES OF GLAMOUR Best for: Most hair types except very thick or straight hair

1. Pull the hair on one side. Using medium-sized hot rollers, roll the hair in sections in a wave formation, starting at the top of the head and working your way down.

2. Place a strand of hair on the roller, spray it with heat-protector spray and roll inwards.

3. When placing the strand on the roller make sure you can feel the heat coming through the hair- if it feels 'just warm', too much hair is being used. 

4. Wait until the rollers have cooled down completely before you remove them, otherwise the curl may not last.

5. Lightly brush the hair to remove the partings and give it a cohesive, natural look.

THE UNDONE UPDO Best for: All hair types

1. Apply a volumiser before blowdrying. Pull all of your hair into a high ponytail.

2. Back comb the hair in the ponytail, gather all of it together to create volume, turn the hair onto itself and loosely pin it in sections to your head.

3. Depending on your personal style, either pull the remaining hair tight for a sleek 'do, or secure it loosely for a more undone  look.

4. Finish off the look with a saline-based spray or hairspray. Keep extra pins on hand for touch-ups.

THE PERFECT PONYTAIL Best for: All hair types except thin tresses

1. Separate the section of your hair into two halves. Pull the bottom part back into a high ponytail and secure it with a headband.

2. Lightly back comb the top section to create height, then smooth it back into the bottom part of the ponytail and secure with pins.

3. Use tongs to curl the end of the ponytail, then finish off with hairspray. Or, for a sleek, polished look, use a de-frizzing product and apply serum to the ends.

4. To add an exotic touch, tuck a fresh flower into the elastic.

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