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Gift Registries

Mildred & Co

Mildred&Co is New Zealand's one-stop-shop, online wedding gift registry.

Lovingly curated, Mildred&Co has over 8,000 gift options to choose from for your home and beyond, ranging from practical kitchen appliances to unique and beautiful home wares from reputable brands.

By creating a wedding gift registry with Mildred&Co, you can request the gifts that you have always wanted and rest assured that your guests will buy accordingly. You can set up your registry from the comfort of your home - anywhere in the world. It really is that easy.

Mildred&Co also offers a wishing well option, which you can personalise with your own photo and blurb. This way, guests can contribute money towards your dream honeymoon or a big-ticket item you’ve always desired – be it your home renovations or new outdoor furniture. The sky really is the limit!  After your wedding we will transfer back to you the total amount contributed by your guests. A much easier and safer option than having a physical wishing well at your wedding!

Using our Wish List function, you can also add your own gift ideas from other stores should you have your eye on something special – such as a new couch or a piece of art.

Creating a registry with Mildred&Co is not only easy for you, it’s user friendly for your guests to use and saves you both time and hassle. It’s a safe way to ensure that you end up receiving exactly what you need and love – with no double-up gift in sight!

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