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Gift Registries

Honeypot Registry

Honeypot lets couples ask for contributions to their honeymoon. Guests contribute to their chosen gift, couples get the money in their bank account, and everyone’s happy – perfect for couples who already live together but dream of the perfect honeymoon!

Engaged couples all over the world are discovering the joy of honeymoon registries – now it’s your turn! If you don’t need more pots and pans, but feel uncomfortable asking for money, Honeypot Registry allows you to create your own personalised honeymoon registry.

Instead of asking for kitchen appliances or linens, you can choose aspects of your honeymoon as registry items. Need help getting to somewhere exotic? Would love to go skydiving in Queenstown? Choose absolutely anything that you’d like help with such as flights, activities or accommodation and add them as items on your registry.

The best part is, you're not even restricted to your honeymoon – you can ask for absolutely anything! Alternative registry items could include a lounge suite, dinner out as newlyweds, or even help saving for a home deposit. It’s up to you!

Guests can choose whether to give you the cost of the whole gift, or an amount towards it. The cash is transferred to your account, but your guests still contribute towards a specific gift. Plus, you can send them a photo of you using your gift – a great way to personally thank your guests.

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