5 Tips for the Perfect Flower Wall

5 Tips for the Perfect Flower Wall

    A decorative wall gives an anchor point for guests to gravitate to, to take beautiful snaps. Meadow Creative ( meadowcreative.co.nz ) give us some great tips to make the most of this idea:

    - good lighting for your photos is key and a simple way to get the best out of your floral wall

    - your wall quickly becomes a focal point of the event so have it somewhere which is easily accessible or if you want to just keep it for your wedding party then have it behind your wedding party table at reception

    - by getting bespoke signage created you can then keep this forever and have it be part of your home decor as a timeless reminder of your love-filled day

    - ensure any hanging signage is high enough that you can see it between or above heads

    - think about what's on the ground and consider laying down a material to cover any horrific 80's carpet if you're inside as we all love a good head to toe photo - most importantly, make sure you have someone remind you to jump in front of the floral wall to have photos yourself as it's so easy to forget!

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