Pregnant for "I Do"? No Probs!

Given that brides are getting hitched later than they were, say, 20 years ago, it's not out of the norm to see a beautiful baby bump being shown off in a woman's wedding dress. 

    We asked for some tips from with-baby brides who have been there, nailed that.

    • Wedding season is in the height of summer, when it’s most uncomfortable for a pregnant woman. Consider whether it’s an option to marry in spring or autumn (or even winter) instead.
    • Choose a venue that takes the DIY out of your wedding planning.
    • If pregnant, you’re likely to feel your best in your second trimester (between 13-26 weeks).
    • The dress: “I loved the dress I purchased before I got pregnant, so we just altered that,” says Alice Scott, who was 18 weeks pregnant on her wedding day. “But in hindsight I probably
    • should have gone and tried other dresses on because it didn’t suit my changing body shape.”
    • Wedding planner Emma Newman advises a long, flowing style of wedding gown that will gently drape over your bump and minimise the need for alterations as your shape changes. Strapless may be problematic due to your growing bust. An empire line is flattering.
    • A wedding day is a long day for any bride, but especially one who is pregnant. Consider a morning or lunchtime wedding so that guests don’t expect to party long into the night. (Alice found herself sober driving her guests home at 3am.) Make sure guests have access to a taxi service or dial a driver – and use it.
    • Make your ceremony a short and simple one. Set aside a chair in case you need to sit down.
    • Have a drink bottle of water with you and sip on it before, during and after the ceremony to stay hydrated.
    • Avoid any dramatic entrances on staircases – a pregnant woman’s centre of gravity shifts, and you probably won’t be able to see your feet.
    • Keep some healthy, nutritious and preggie-friendly snacks on hand to maintain energy levels throughout the day.
    • Have caterers provide a pregnancy friendly menu and plenty of non-alcoholic drink options​

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