The Photobooth Alternative Shaking Up The Wedding Scene

Tap into the fun, unique and hilarious addition to your wedding, by ditching the photobooth and going for something a little different – live drawn caricatures! We chat with Darren Blomfield of Blomfield Art about how and why he’s shaking up the wedding scene. 

  • Photography by and drawn by: Darren Blomfield (caricature of New Zealand Weddings editor, Pamela and her husband Tim)

Coming from five generations of artists, illustrating is in Darren Blomfield’s blood. Finding his own passion for illustrating from a young age, he laughs as he remembers he used to get in trouble during school for drawing caricatures of the teachers, but they had to admit – he had a knack for it!

Above: Three generations of published Blomfield artists / Supplied

Boasting an ever-growing list of well-known clients and events through his business Blomfield Art – think Dolce and Gabbana, the NZ Breakers, MOTAT and the V8 Supercars and having work regularly published in the TIMES , Darren says he was initially surprised when people wanted him to draw live at their weddings.

“If you’d told me five years ago that I’d be doing weddings I would’ve thought you were having a laugh!

“I never expected for it to take off like it did – but it has! People absolutely love it and are always in a fit of giggles when they see the finished piece.”

The caricatures generally take Darren around five to seven to whip up for one person and up to 15 minutes for two people. But while a little longer than getting a snap in front of a photobooth, Darren says it’s absolutely worth it, and you know you’re getting something totally unique and created especially for you.

“It’s a totally unique, memorable and engaging process. I was at a wedding just recently where we had bad weather, but despite this there was still a crazy long line of guests huddling under umbrellas because they were so keen to get one done.”

Darren understands that at weddings, the time flies past, fast, so not everyone can always get one done. That’s why he’s put together a number of packages to ensure some people, like the bridal party, the mother and father of the bride and of course, the married couple aren’t missed out!

With wedding requests coming left, right and centre across New Zealand and Australia, Darren says it’s all been a dream come true.

“I think everyone dreams of making their passion and hobby into a job, so this has been crazy, but so much fun.”

Keen to have a talking point at your wedding that your guests will remember for years to come? Get in touch with Darren today via his website or email him at [email protected] and follow Blomfield Art on Instagram and Facebook .

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