The Luxe But Low Cost Idea For Pretty Wedding Nails

Teddy Lane from New Zealand Weddings Magazine on Vimeo.

Say 'yes' to the latest nail concept for elegant nails on your wedding day – or any day! 

    Dislike the way standard nail polish can easily chip, but don't want to invest in gel polish or salon visits either?

    Meet New Zealand Weddings' new best friend when it comes to bridal nails, Teddy Lane – luxe DIY nails by mum and daughter duo Lauren and Sandra Banks.

    The idea for a premium range of fashion nails came about when the two Wellington-based women discovered there was a gap in the market for a stylish, affordable and easy to use (and remove) press-on nail product.

    A business concept was created mid-2017, and they held their super-successful launch party less than a year later. (We can't help but feel with this drive and organisation these two would be incredible wedding planners, don't you think?!)


    Why is Teddy Lane nails perfect for brides, bridesmaids, and even mother of the bride?

    "Our nails are the perfect finishing touch for brides and bridesmaids. They are easy to use, affordable for those on wedding budgets, and are time-saving (let’s face it, weddings can be stressful enough without running around to ten different beauty appointments).

    All Teddy Lane nails are chip-resistant with UV gel coating, and with a wear time of up to ten days, they are ideal for all the events surrounding the wedding."

    How do you use the product and is it easy to get the hang of?

    "Applying Teddy Lane nails is extremely easy. They are applied with special non-damaging glue that directly adheres to your natural nail - each packet contains 24 nails in 12 different sizes to fit all nail shapes, nail glue, nail file/buffer and instructions.

    Using the nail file/buffer you can completely customise the nails by reshaping and shortening to your preferred length, using nail clippers if you prefer them very short.

    Simple and easy to remove, the glue naturally breaks down over the selected wear time enabling the nails to gently lift off. Or you can also soak them in hot water if you prefer."

    Each pack includes 24 individual nails, so you can perfectly match the size of your nail bed.

    When do you suggest brides apply the nails to be fresh but also set enough to hold for the wedding day and the events surrounding the wedding?

    "The nails can be applied several days before the wedding, however we recommend applying the day before or the morning of the wedding. One of our Teddy Tips is to keep your hands out of water for the first 1-2 hours after applying the nails to allow the glue to cure properly."

    How did you decide on what styles to create in the overall collection?

    "Our first collection was designed to give a selection of styles to all women to cover different tastes and occasions. The styles are based on the latest international fashion trends and what we thought would complement these. We have now expanded our range with the recent addition of the Spring/Summer collection and each year we will be introducing new seasonal ranges."

    What styles are most popular for brides and bridesmaids?

    " White Linen , Blushing Veil , Blanc de Blush , French Affair , Belle , Duchesse and Catwalk ."

    Present a set of nails in a Teddy Lane gift box to your bridesmaids on the day.

    What is the best part of working as a mother & daughter duo, do you have different roles?

    "We are incredibly lucky that we have a great mother-daughter relationship separate to Teddy Lane – that has allowed us to work effectively together in a business context. We call on each other’s strengths to take a lead on certain areas of the business.

    Lauren: My role in the business is focused on marketing and communications. Mum does a lot of background work and handles the operational side. We both work together creating our designs and bring different perspectives which inspire our collections. We are a sounding board for one another and it just works really well."

    Sandra (left) and Lauren are the gorgeous mother and daughter business team behind Teddy Lane nails.

    Teddy Lane is available for purchase instore from Farmers , Unichem and Life Pharmacies or online.

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