A Honeymoon Gem in The South Pacific

Looking for a good dose of adventure coupled with bliss and relaxation? Escape the hordes of tourists with a honeymoon in Vanuatu. We chat to Jonas George from Air Vanuatu about why the archipelago of islands should be on your 'moon list.

    Vanuatu is an island nation in the South Pacific made up of 82 beauitful islands and just over a three-hour flight away from New Zealand. Relatively untouched by massive tourism trades, Vanuatu makes for the ideal honeymoon escape for couples looking to truly get away from it all. We chat to Jonas George from Air Vanuatu about why you should be booking yourself a flight there, stat.

    How does Air Vanuatu make flights a fun and relaxing experience?

    We try to make the experience for the traveller as seamless as possible from when they are booking their flights to returning from their holiday in Vanuatu. We would like to think that from when our passengers board their flights, their Vanuatu experience starts from there. Air Vanuatu passengers experience the Melanesian friendliness and warmth the moment you step on board. Our Ni-Vanuatu cabin crew will greet you with the friendliest smiles in the Pacific.

    Air Vanuatu is a full service carrier which is good for you. With one payment, you get a seat, checked bag(s), meals, drinks, entertainment and a carry-on; a perfect way to start your visit to the islands of Vanuatu. We have WiFi on board our international flights to Vanuatu from Australia and New Zealand. For the WiFi, remember to download the Air Vanuatu entertainment app to your smart phone or tablet before you board your flight and bring your headphones.

    Once in Vanuatu, does Air Vanuatu Fly to outer islands? How long are these flights and why is it worth going to another island?

    Once in Vanuatu, you have the option to explore any number of our extensive domestic ports we fly to. This flights can range from 20 minutes to as long as 5 hours with stop overs. We have a network of 27 destinations we fly to domestically within Vanuatu. Each of these destination is unique in their own way. So you can't say that once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

    The two most popular ones (apart from the main island and capital Port Vila) is Santo and Tanna. Santo is the biggest island of Vanuatu and is well known for its beautiful beaches, blue clear waters and a mecca for divers. It also has a history of American settlement during the Second World War. This is very obvious when you wonder around the island. There’s remains of relics and wrecks dotted around the island.

    The second island Tanna to the south of the capital. This island is famous for having one of the most accessible volcanos in the world. This is Mt. Yasur where one can walk right up to the rim and watch the fireworks. Very spectacular at night. It is also popular with its custom village tours.

    Another island worth visiting is Pentecost island which is famous for “Land Diving”. This is where bungy originated from. High towers of sticks and vines are built every year for the jumps which takes place from the months of April through to early June. Traditionally this is to celebrate the yam harvesting. A good jump is meant to signify a good harvest. The jump is only performed by the men and boys from the tribes on the island.

    Tell us about luggage – can we take all our bells and whistles to Vanuatu? What’s the luggage allowance?

    Air Vanuatu has a very generous baggage allowance. Every passengers in economy gets an allowance of 30kg check-in luggage and 7kg carry-on. Our Business customers get an allowance of 40kgs check-in and 7kg carry-on.

    Do you have any specials on now that couples can take advantage on and book a honeymoon to Vanuatu?

    Yes we do have a couple of specials in the market. The first one which is on sale now until the end of November’18 is from $528.00 return inclusive of taxes. This is for travel from 01 November’18 to 31 January’19.

    The second special we have and it’s also on sale now until 31 January’19, for travel 01Feb to 31 Mar’19 is from $479 return inclusive of taxes from Auckland to Port Vila, Vanuatu AND from $519 return inclusive of taxes from Auckland to Santo via Port Vila.

    Can we buy Duty Free while shopping in the air? What is the benefit of buying while on board an airplane?

    Absolutely. Air Vanuatu's Island Sky Boutique Duty Free has over 80 world class products including: fragrances, cosmetics, watches, electronics, alcohol and Air Vanuatu exclusives, on board each of our International flights to and from Vanuatu.

    The benefit of buying while on board is that you can use the product straight away and also the product might not be available at the destination as some of the products are exclusive to the airline. Also you don’t have to queue up for purchases at the other end. You can just land, pick up your bags and go – saving you time.

    What is the best thing about Vanuatu in your opinion?

    The best thing about Vanuatu is its people. Some of the friendliest you’ll come across and very humble people. Culturally they are very diverse as well and the culture is very rich and organic.

    Air Vanuatu now flies four times a week between Auckland and Port Vila, Vanuatu. You now have the choice to fly on a Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday with return flights on the same days as well. For more information on their latest deals head to their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram .

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