Catching Up With... Aimee from Modes

    Ahead of the New Zealand Weddings Magazine Collection at Fashion Weekend, we talked to Aimee from Modes about what we can expect to see on the runway from this renowned Auckland bridal boutique.


    Bridal boutique Modes aims to house a collation of timeless European styles with the occasional Kiwi twist in regards to the accessories and level of embellishment. The brand emphasises quality, fabrication, couture fit and exceptional value for the high level of fashion.

    With Diane Stephenson overseas, we spoke to Aimee to find out more about what Modes will offer in their newest collection of bridal dresses that we will see on the runway next week.

    Why are you excited to show your collection to brides and grooms of the 2018-19 season?

    A lot of our samples for 2019 are at the New York Bridal show so we have lots more up our sleeve so to speak. We hope that what we have time to show on the runway gives the audience an idea of the breadth of our most extensive and quite unique wedding collection for the entire wedding party.

    Can you tell us about some key pieces and detailing that we’ll see on the runway?

    In the softer lighter gowns there are various whimsical twists with blush petals and metallic leaves making a magical statement. In the beautifully sculptured gowns there is an option to remove the overskirt for the reception, essentially providing the bride with two looks from the one gown on her most significant day.

    What do you hope brides will take away from the show, this year?

    It's all about the construction and the quality of the lining fusing fabrics. Our 40 years of experience and access to everything Europe has to offer makes for a gown that will photograph beautifully and will ensure your wedding look will be admired as much today as it will be in decades to come.

    When you’re not working, where would we find you and what would you be doing ?

    In most cases it would be Diane Stephenson  doing this interview, but she's working and cycling in Europe at the moment. If she wasn't at work I know she'd be out in her gumboots brushing her horse or making a huge pot of soup for her very large dining table.

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