The Luxe Sugar Scrub You Need In Your Life

The heavenly organic, New Zealand-made Sugarcube Co scrubs are making waves and for very good reason! Read on for our chat with one of the founding babes, Kat Dalton.

    We chat to one of the founders, Kat Dalton, about why these luscious products are a must-have in your bridal beauty routine.

    What inspired you to start Sugarcube Co?

    Kat: Sugarcube Co was inspired by a love of fun, fresh and fruity skin food products that are made with premium organic and natural ingredients and smell delicious.

    Becs and I have both been in very corporate jobs and Sugarcube Co has been an amazing creative outlet – we have met so many inspiring women and formed some pretty amazing friendships too.

    I had always suffered from chronic dry skin and had never realised I was reacting to the chemicals that are hidden in many traditional beauty products. Since replacing my traditional products with our natural Coconut and Sugar Body Scrubs, my skin has never looked or felt better – which is a pretty sweet bonus!

    Sugarcube co sugar scrub bridal beauty

    What are the benefits of using body scrubs, particularly when leading up to W-Day?

    Weddings are such a special celebration and a time for the bride to shine!

    It's really important to begin skin prep as soon as possible before your big day to give your skin time to adapt to a new beauty routine – especially if your planning on applying a tan or heavier makeup than you may usually use. Our Lip Scrubs are also designed to perfect your pout for smooth lipstick application. And best of all, when it's time for it to all come off, the coconut sugar cuts through it all to leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

    Other than leaving you smelling like a tropical goddess, using an Organic Sugar Body Scrub has some other sweet benefits you may experience:

    • Removes dry and flaking skin
    • Helps to prevent skin breakouts
    • Allows for smoother makeup application
    • Improves the texture of your skin
    • Allows skincare products to penetrate your skin
    • Minimises the appearance of large pores
    • Prepares your skin pre-tan and prevents that skin 'cracking' look
    • Removes heavy duty make up
    • Helps repair minor scarring and skin imperfections
    • Makes you feel generally AMAZING

    Can you talk us through a few of your products and some of their yummy ingredients?

    We currently have three Fruity Body Scrub Flavours: Pink Grapefruit, Mango Passion and Lime + Mint (which is becoming pretty popular with the guys), plus our Kiss Me Honey Lip Scrubs.

    We loved putting together our Wedded Bliss Bridesmaid Kits for cheeky Bridesmaid Proposals and Thankyou Gifts. They really set the tone for a sweet, fun filled adventure with your Bride Tribe! And some of the pics we have had back are hilarious!

    Our scrubs are filled with soothing blends of premium ingredients such as organic coconut oil, organic jojoba oil and cold pressed essential oils. We love using organic golden raw and coconut sugar instead of a salt base for all of our scrubs because it gives a gentler, less irritating exfoliation which is perfect for people with sensitive skin. Jojoba resembles natural skin oils (sebum) so pores stay open and draw in the oil deeply which can help with scarring, eczema, psoriasis, and uneven skin tone!

    Sugarcube Co sugar scrub bridesmaids

    Sugarcube Co are all about promoting loving the skin you’re in – why do you think this is such an important message?

    We are really passionate about Loving the Skin You're In! So many gorgeous women talk to us about their body insecurities – and at times, we have been guilty of this too.

    I've always been reasonably confident, but entering into the beauty industry just after I'd had my second child was a real challenge for me. We are bombarded with so many airbrushed images these days it can be hard to seperate these from reality.

    We are blessed to be working with some pretty amazing women who have really put themselves out their to show that beauty comes in so many forms. There is no better feeling than getting a message or video from a customer who has loved their results and is feeling more confident in themselves!

    Any plans to add to your product range in the future?

    We are really excited to be producing our LUXE range at the moment which we are expecting to release for Christmas. We also have some gorgeous new fruity lip scrub sets due to be released next month.

    What advice do you have for brides-to-be?

    Find a skincare regime that works for you and is achievable in your daily routine. And on your big day, focus on everything you love about yourself and your new husband. The day can go by so quickly so enjoy every moment!

    If you had to sum up Sugar Cube Co in three words, what would they be?


    Shop online at Sugarcube Co , follow the girls on Facebook and check out their Instagram .

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