Vows That Are True To You

    Were you one of the million viewers that sat entrenched watching the event of the year that was Harry and Meghan’s wedding? In eager anticipation of a glimpse of the gown, the wedding bouquet, the bridal party with the adorable page boys and flower girls Wondering… would I look just as stunning in that dress, not to mention would my future groom look as equally handsome as Harry?

    As celebrants, we were possibly more honed in to what was going to be said in their intentions, their vows and how the kiss would pan out.

    Possibly due to Harry being 6th in line to the throne, this young contemporary pair were less hampered by some of the usual pomp and ceremony required of a royal wedding and the day was probably a more accurate reflection of them as a couple.

    Some speculation came into play that their vows would have a more contemporary flavour, but alas they were obliged to stick to the more traditional Church of England prescribed script.

    Fortunately, today in our secular weddings and more recently in some church weddings we can be far more creative with the vows you and your CANZ celebrant can create. I wonder what Harry and Meghan would have dearly loved to say to one and other if they had had the chance?

    There is often some confusion around vows and what they should constitute. The legal requirement of a marriage is for the couple to make it clear, in front of two witnesses, that they accept each other in marriage i.e. I, Harry (middle name, surname) take/accept you Meghan (middle name, surname) as my wife or words to that effect.  This is referred to as the Declaration of Intent.

    The vows on the other hand are a couple’s opportunity to say what they feel in their hearts and make the promises that will resonate throughout their lives. They add that special essence to the ceremony and reveal the personality of the couple. We as celebrants are often moved and delighted by the sincerity and uniqueness of some couple’s vows.

    If you have any queries about your ceremony, always talk it through with your celebrant… they will no doubt have an abundance of traditional and bespoke ideas to share with you, it’s what they are there for.

    For a list of Celebrants in your region or the region where you are going to host your wedding check out the CANZ website where you can see all our members profiles and what they have to offer.

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