Don't Overlook This Important Part of Your Wedding

Between finding a venue, sending out invitations, finding your absolute dream wedding outfit and deciding what yummy things you and your guests will be enjoying, there's one very important part of your day that can often be overlooked...

    As we see the end of our glorious summer and the start of winter, the weddings for the next year will be in their planning stages.

    We recognise a wedding as the celebration of a very important decision in a couple’s life.  This celebration can involve so many different components; the dream dress, the bespoke suits, the venue, the hair and makeup, the food and wine, the family and friends, all can contribute to the magic of the day, but no one of these components is critical.

    What is critical is the ceremony. Without a ceremony there is no marriage. The ceremony incorporates the legalities required for you to become married but in saying this, it can be a meaningful occasion and ideally it will be about you and your partner.

    Your ceremony will define your day and a Celebrants Association of New Zealand (CANZ) celebrant understands this.

    With a professional but warm and open attitude your CANZ celebrant will guide you to discover what you envisage, what is important to you and help you to incorporate  the elements that reflect you as a couple. Each and every couple is unique and so should your bespoke ceremony.

    The Celebrants Association of New Zealand prides itself on ensuring celebrants have ample opportunities to continue to enhance their skills and keep up to date with legal requirement and current trends.

    The CANZ website has a public page so feel free to peruse it: .

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