Elderly Couples Share Secrets To Lasting Love

Your wedding day is the beginning to a grand adventure, couples whose lives have been entwined for more than 50 years share their recipes for happiness.

    Love & Friendship
    “Be friends about anything else. Your friendship will take you through the years, especially if you have to deal with health issues. That bond needs to be the basis of your relationship.” Joan and John Hulks, married 50 years.

    “Keep your love alive by starting each and every day with a kiss.” George and Caroline Smith, married 54 years.

    “A good sense of humour is the secret to a good marriage – laugh your way through life together. A marriage is as good as you make it, so work hard and make it great.” Gloria and Neville Davis, married 57 years.

    “Communicate with each other, even when you don’t want to. It’s essential to step back, take stock and work out where things have gone wrong when you fight. This way, you can try to stop the same thing from happening again.” Wilhemena and Wilhelmus Peters, married 57 years.

    “It’s easier said than done, but try not to go to bed on an argument. Tomorrow is another day.” Lexie and Roy Gibson, married 63 years.

    “If you have an argument, talk normally to each other after you’ve said your piece. Yelling and holding grudges doesn’t get anyone anywhere.” Joan and Morris Lupton, married 63 years.

    “Take time to cool off when you argue. Go somewhere alone – even just a separate room – to think about what was said.” Mavis and Desmond Marett, married 50 years.

    “It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of life. Clear a space for one-on-one time together – for example, have a date night each week. It doesn’t need to be a flash outing, a simple picnic on the beach is perfect.” Patricia and Kevin LaComb, married 50 years.

    “Trust and tolerance are key. Without them you have nothing.” Lorraine and Bob Brown, married 54 years.

    “Know each other’s needs well enough that you can do something for the other person before they ask.” Helen and Jeff McIntoch, married 50 years.

    “Try to work it out so you each do the things you’re good at, especially when it comes to activities in which your skills complement each other.” Iris and Geoff Haughton, married 52 years.

    “Make sure you both contribute to everything so neither of you feels unappreciated. Do as much as you can for each other.” Betty and John Lane, married 63 years.

    “Stick to the commitment you made and always have that in the back of your mind when things get rough. Giving up should never be an option. Be flexible – like the image of the sapling in the wind, bend with the circumstances and don’t get too stuck in your ways.” Isabel and Bill Pelan, married 51 years.

    “Don’t worry when things go wrong. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel if you’ve made the commitment to be together. Good family and friends are essential too. It takes more than two people to make a successful marriage.” Jane and Roland Swann, married 56 years.

    “Marriage is all about stamina and sticking with it. Be patient enough to accept each other’s difference. You have to learn to give and take or it’ll never work.” Irene and Ivor Mills, married 52 years.

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