8 Honeymoon Mistakes To Avoid

An epic getaway requires thoughtful execution – here are the pitfalls to dodge to ensure your honeymoon is memorable for all the right reasons.

  • Story by Rachel Ramsay

1 School holiday price hikes

Before you book anything, consult your calendar. Aside from hiked prices, booking during school holidays could mean a honeymoon spent trying to avoid being splashed by over-enthusiastic pool users, being subjected to tears and tantrums at nearby dinner tables, and tutting because all the kayaks are in use.

2 Leaving straight after the wedding

Driving off into the moonlight in a haze of freshly-wed bliss might seem romantic now, but consider the practicalities: packing your suitcase with one hand and finishing jam jar favours with the other? No thank you. Save yourself the stress by allowing a few days of  breathing space before filling out your departure card. Your future self will thank you for it.

3 Not knowing when to seek out advice

For complicated honeymoon travels that involve multiple destinations, save yourself the headache and let a professional handle the logistics. However, if you’re in the market for something super straightforward – a week at a Sunshine Coast resort, for instance – then hiring an agent might not be necessary. Just be sure to peruse your destination and accommodation’s TripAdvisor reviews before parting with your cash.

4 Not thinking it through

Before you begin dreaming about a beachfront bungalow in Tuscany, remember that a far-flung location will cost you multiple days of travel. And while that might not matter to those with two weeks to spare, it probably isn’t realistic for honeymooners with limited time.

5 Packing lots of the wrong things

It’s easy to feel as if you need to be prepared for every eventuality when planning for a trip – but it’s best to consider dual-use and layers when packing clothes. For instance, doing lots of walking? Consider a stylish pair of trainers that can be dressed up with a skirt.

6 Not getting travel Insurance

Need we say more?

7 Both wanting different things

Now that you’re starting a new life together, the key is identifying a compromise system, and what holidays as a married couple might look like. Do they involve luxury? Are they about seeing and exploring? Or will your getaways involve a mix? Once you’ve both decided what you want, set about finding a destination that appeases both of you. A travel agent might be helpful here.

8 Being too eager to use your new surname

You might be excited to become a “Mrs”, and keen to start using your new name straight away, but the paperwork doesn’t move quite so fast. Be sure to book any accommodation and travel with your maiden name to avoid delays and confusion.

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