Shani and Mark's Road To Their Dream Wedding: Blog Seven

Shani Gledhill shares her seventh blog post as the winner of a $60,000 wedding!

  • Story by Shani & Mark

"During the week we met with Jody Lidstone from I Do Photography . It was really great to met her. She is absolutely lovely and we know the photos will turn out great. She is really easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable. We were trying to decide whether or not to do a ‘sneak peak’ and have the photos prior to the ceremony.

This was because of daylight saving and our ceremony was set to start at 4pm, therefore we would potentially run out of daylight. We have been pondering on this for a while as its positives and negatives: on one hand you get all the photos done and then after the ceremony you can relax and enjoy spending time with your guests rather than rushing off. But on the other, you don’t get the ‘big reveal’ at the ceremony and no sunset photos as well, and evening lighting is generally better for photography.

We have decided to change our ceremony to start slightly earlier and go for the traditional way and have photos after the ceremony. I think deep down this option sat better with us too. Jody helped us to decide as she feels that will be heaps of time. We know she is a pro and completely trust that decision.

We both want to enjoy the day and not feel stressed, and I’ve heard heaps of stories of the bride and groom not enjoying their day. This is where the amazing Emily and the New Zealand Weddings team has made this process incredibly easy and taken away a huge amount of pressure for us. We met with Emily last night and she couldn’t be more helpful.

Honestly, we are so grateful to have her. Emily and some other wonderful people from New Zealand Weddings will be there on the day to set up literally everything we want. As well as Natalie from Floramay . Both Emily and Natalie are going out of there way for us to create our vision and ensure this will be our dream day.

Earlier in the week I had my dress fitting. I got lucky and the shoes I ordered fit perfectly and are actually comfortable. I was really looking forward to getting that dress on again. I had been looking back at all the photos to remind myself what it is like. I love it so much!

We have a few more things to finalise, like our song list for Jarrod at Mix it DJ and send through our readings for the ceremony to our celebrant, Melanie Kerr.

Just days to go now,
Shani x

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