Beat The Heat: Secrets To Creating a Comfortable Summer Wedding

Summer is a fabulous season to hold an unforgettable wedding, with its long days and stunning twilight evenings. But the soaring temperatures can create some challenges...

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Just half an hour from Nelson sits Mahana Estates – a stunning summer wedding venue overlooking vineyards, mountains and sea.

Mahana's team have had a lot of experience hosting nuptials in the warmer months with success. We asked them what brides should consider to ensure to everyone stays comfortable on a warm, summer wedding day.


How long is the ceremony – is there adequate shade?
You want your nearest and dearest to be as comfortable as possible during the most special part of the day. Ensure there is shade available; if there are no trees then parasols are a great option.

What are the chairs made out of?
Are you asking guests to sit on metal chairs that have been baking in the sun? You don’t want to risk guests burning their bums, or similarly if you choose plastic chairs these can get sticky and uncomfortable so think about fabric chairs or fabric covers.

Summer can also mean lots of insects.
Provide insect repellent for your guests and don’t forget to apply some yourself.


Wear some sun protection and fabric-test some different sunscreens prior to the day.
You don’t want to get burnt, but the last thing you want on your special day is to stain your dress, or have it sweat through your makeup. Get someone to help you apply and reapply as the day goes on. Ask your makeup artist about which sunscreen would be best, because some SPFs can adjust your skin tone in photographs. Have a kit made up that contains blotting paper, powder and concealer for touch-ups throughout the day.

Choose your dress fabric wisely – heavy non-breathable fabrics will cause you to overheat and sweat. Summer means the possibility of grass stains so think about dress length and do away with a long train.

And shoes... Choose thick, flat heels that won’t sink into soft grass and take a change of shoes, as brand new shoes that are not worn until the day could be uncomfortable and cause blisters. Consider packing a pair of jandals for dancing in!


  • Ensure that there is plenty of water available, to keep guests hydrated.
  • Provide sunscreen for guests. Mahana supplies sunscreen for anyone who has forgotten to apply it before the ceremony.


  • Drinking in the sun can accelerate the effects of alcohol – the last thing you want is to be slurring your vows, so take it slow.
  • With summer nights comes later sunsets – discuss options with your photographer for a stunning sunset photo shoot. Mahana Estates offers a unique setting with plenty of outdoor areas to choose from. The winery cellars is a naturally cool environment – its high stud, concrete walls and insulation created by its living roof provides the perfectly temperature-controlled space to host your guests. ​


To assist you in your planning, Mahana Estates will send you a wedding kit including a suppliers’ database filled with recommendations and answers to FAQs. You will also be sent a wedding checklist that covers every small detail needed to ensure nothing is missed.

About a month prior, you will be asked to send back the checklist filled in with all of the details for your big day so the coordinator knows exactly what areas you need assistance with, and will step in to help accordingly. She will also give you flexibility and breathing room to change your mind about small details.

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