Grooms Blog: It's Not Just The Bride Who Can Wear White

New Zealand Weddings Grooms' blogger Samuel Levi sheds light on why it's okay for guys to wear white. Wedding day, or otherwise. 

White attire gents is now in – and more people need to take this on board.

A signature look of mine (one that got me noticed and picked up in the overseas fashion market) is my go-to look of all white.

Guys easily fall into that category where we wear what we're used to, without trying anything new. And I believe New Zealand blokes and in general are afraid to take that leap and try something different.

No matter the occasion, you should always want to feel the best and look the best you can. White attire to your wedding, gents? I say yes, 100 per cent. Own it. Rock it. Do it. What’s stopping you?

Why wear a similar shade to most of your guests? Boring to me, and to be frank – a tad lazy. If you are investing and spending top dollar on something special, why not make it be worth your while and bring your A game.

All white?

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