How To Get Perfect Eyebrows In Time For Your Big Day

Brows have gone big-time in the world of beauty and grooming. So much so, that there’s a new salon that focuses on giving people brows how they ought to be.  

    Good eyebrows can go a long way towards looking polished, appearing 'awake', as well as delicately framing your face. The correct arch, length, and width – tailored to your individual face shape and features – can definitely make or break your wedding day beauty look.

    Unfortunately, not all women are blessed with enough colour pigment or hair thickness for a naturally defined eyebrow; many take to cosmetics like eyebrow gels and pencils to fill in thinning areas each and every day ­– taking up precious time in the process.

    Brow feathering is a semi-permanent option that gives you an extremely natural look. Colour (or pigment) is ‘stained’ into the very top layer of your skin, which is scratched ever so gently by a row of miniscule needles.

    Brow Theory in Takapuna, Auckland, are the leaders in this new (but already popular!) treatment. The stylish salon with pink and gold trimmings was the brainchild of Hayley Williams of H&Co; Salon .

    Hayley's friendly staff are expertly trained (via a global beauty therapist) to thoroughly consult and offer individual shape suggestions and treatment based on what you need and want as a client. They will craft the perfect brow shape, thickness and tint to suit your skin tone.

    Above: A topical anaesthetic is applied to minimise discomfort during the treatment, of which the 'feathering' part takes about 30 minutes.

    Eyebrow feathering is a much gentler approach than a skin tattoo, and it only affects the top one millimetre of the skin near your brows (as opposed to general skin tattooing, where colour pigment goes three times deeper into the skin's layers).

    A topical anaesthetic and numbing gel is used for a more comfortable treatment (after the first ‘pass’ you can barely feel a thing. I likened the first pass to having my eyebrows threaded), and healing and protective cream is prescribed post-treatment along with a simple care plan for the week after.

    It’s a three-step process (consultation & measure, re-measure and first treatment, touch-up treatment), and from there you can enjoy up to a year of saving time, not having to touch up your ‘I woke up like this’ perfectly shaped brows.

    It's a brilliant beauy innovation for anyone, anytime, but especially to look well-groomed for all the festivities around your wedding day ... and beyond!

    Click here to learn more about Brow Theory’s Brow Feathering Service , and follow them on Instagram for serious brow admiration.

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