Impress By Making Your Own Wedding Cake Stand

An understated cake is taken to new heights when set atop a hard-to-find (but easy to make!) cake stand. 

  • Photography by Bryce Carlton

What you’ll need

  • Sturdy candlestick (seek out something vintage with a metallic finish for a standout look)

  • Tray (as shown in image below), make sure it is clean and dry

  • Clear-drying superglue (try E-6000 craft glue from Spotlight, $17)

  • Ruler

What to do

1. With the help of a ruler, find the centre of your tray and mark it on the bottom.

2. Place the tray on a firm surface, bottom up. Line the top rim of the candlestick with super glue, and press it firmly against the centre mark, holding until you can feel no give between the tray and the candlestick.

3. Leave until the glue is completely set (approximately two hours).

Like what you see? Magnolia Kitchen made this marble-effect cake, while Flowers by Renee Carver sussed the blooms. We found our candlestick and tray at Bashford Antiques .

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