So Floral Jewellery Is a Thing, And We Like It

Fresh from a beautiful display of floral creations at our New Zealand Weddings Fashion Week shows, the talented Sophie Wolanski of Muck Floral gives us her top wedding flower picks.

  • Photography by Jackie Meiring

Tell us a bit about the floral elements you created for the New Zealand Weddings Magazine Collection show...

For the runway I built two big urn pieces. They were wild and growing, like a secret garden. We had jasmine vines crawling up through the arrangements and down along the floor, and branches of pink blossom reaching out and up. I also created looks for Alma Wong and Modes.

For Alma we made floral jewellery – we wanted to do something a bit different to the usual flower crown and bouquet, and floral jewellery is such a cool thing.

Above image: Dress by Alma Wong; flower jewellery by Muck Floral; hair by Joico, makeup by Jane Iredale.

Decorated arches are still a very popular wedding feature. What different ways could we include floral decorations into the ceremony?

Arches are beautiful but they suck up so much of a budget, for such a small amount of time. Big urns like the ones I used at the New Zealand Weddings show are a great way to frame the bride and groom and can easily be moved to the reception after, to get a longer use out of them. The same goes for aisle decorations and the signing table arrangements. Things like these can be relocated and enjoyed all night long instead of just an hour or so at the ceremony.

Above: Floral urn by Muck Floral, as seen at the New Zealand Weddings Magazine Show at Fashion Week 2016.

What florals and foliage are in season right now that brides getting married this time of year could consider?

Spring is a really beautiful time of year and a great time for flowering branches and lots of vines. There are lovely hellebores, lots of blossoms starting to push its flowers out and jasmine is flowering and smelling lovely! I also love pieris as a wedding flower– and for a burst of colour, poppies are just starting to show up too!

What is your personal favourite bouquet shape or style to create?

My bouquets are of a looser style. I personally like it when it looks like you’ve just grabbed a bunch of flowers out of the ground – a few drooping and different heights. But, this isn’t for everyone. I just really appreciate how flowers look in nature, so replicating this would be my ultimate style.

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