5 Tips To Create a Romantic Atmosphere

Considered lighting is the key to ambience and warmth at a wedding reception, but where to begin?

    Superb lighting sets the whole tone for your wedding. It can completely transform your venue from ordinary to spectacular, making everything look more stunning for your big day. Most importantly, lighting creates atmosphere and atmosphere IS everything.

    La Lumiere are the experts in lighting and ambience. They have just opened a retail store in Auckland, and for nationwide customers their online boutique is stocked with stylish lighting and décor options.

    Above: La Lumiere's beautiful store is now open in Auckland.

    We asked Siobhan and Kristina at La Lumiere to give us their top five tips to creating beautiful lighting at a special event.


    Opt for high quality fairy lights in a soft warm white colour, this hue is more flattering on skin tones and will look prettier in photos. A warm fairy light backdrop together with some candle lit centre pieces will ensure your big day looks more luxury wedding than Christmas grotto.


    While using lots of beautiful lighting can look stunning and can help transform a plain venue into something fabulous, too much will completely kill your atmosphere and ensure no one steps foot on the dance floor.


    Think about what lights will best compliment the unique style and feel of your wedding as well as highlighting important aspects of your décor. For example, festoons look fantastic for rustic weddings, bird cage lanterns flatter a vintage wedding, jars with fairy lights look gorgeous at a boho garden party and, of course, no romantic occasion is complete without candles. Which brings us to our next point…


    Candles are the most effective and least expensive way to create atmosphere. They can make a huge impact and tend to draw attention to the beauty in your venue while distracting from less attractive qualities and simultaneously creating a romantic and alluring atmosphere. They make fabulous centre pieces and can be paired with the appropriate votives or lanterns to match your styling and colour palette.


    Last, but certainly not least, another pretty important thing to consider when choosing your lighting is the practical aspect of your guests be able to actually see. If you were hoping to create a chill-out lounge area, or perhaps you just need to light the path to the bathrooms or down a long driveway, it’s important that your guests can see. Candle lanterns or votive candle holders will help light the way and look pretty at the same time.

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