NZFW Backstage Bridal Beauty: Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale makeup artist Sam Morrison takes us through the beautiful bridal looks shown on the runway of the New Zealand Weddings Magazine Collection Show at New Zealand Fashion Week. 

Jane Iredale makeup artist Sam Morrison created two stunning looks for the New Zealand Weddings Magazine Collection Show at Fashion Week 2016.

She says that bridal beauty has changed dramatically, saying "these days the aim of the game is to highlight your natural beauty and focus on showcasing your favourite features."

"Photo-finish makeup is a must. And longevity is essential," says Sam. "Brides want to look perfect all day and not have to worry about touching up their makeup every hour."

We asked Sam to take us through the two bridal looks she created for the New Zealand Weddings Magazine Collection Show.

LOOK ONE: Dewy skin with smouldery eyes

We have created a look with an emphasis on a very dewy healthy glow to the skin, gorgeous flushed and lightly contoured cheeks, and smouldery ready-to-wear eyes. This is a healthy glow/fixating eye combination that is easy to wear – both on and off the catwalk.

How to create this look:

1. Apply Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals foundation with the Jane Iredale Blending Brush for a gorgeous dewy finish.
2. Use Jane Iredale 'enlighten one/active light' Concealer under eyes.
3. Apply Jane Iredale 'gold' or 'brown' Smooth Affair for Eyes with your finger across eyelids, and use Merlot
Pure Pressed E yeshadow along the lash line.
4. Use Jane Iredale White Liner on the inner rim of the eye to brighten and whiten.
5. Apply Jane Iredale Longest Lash Black Ice Mascara and then individual faux lashes for an extra pop.
6. Enhance brow definition with the Jane Iredale Retractable Brow Pencil.
7. For additional dewy highlighting apply the Jane Iredale 'naked' or 'canvas' Smooth Affair For Eyes along cheekbones, under the brow and down the
centre of the nose (apply with fingers).
8. Finish off with Jane Iredale 'milan' Lip Plumper.

LOOK TWO: Korean-inspired Reverse Ombre Lip with an Ethereal Look.

This look is more fashion forward and takes inspiration from the Korean trend of reverse ombre lipstick: dark plum, just-bitten centre, with a softer pink/peach outer layer. The cheeks have a pinched pink flush and subtle lilac highlight. The brows are combed and eyes are angelic and light, with a touch of rose gold.

How to create this look:

1. Use Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals for foundation base, apply with the Blending Brush.
2. Set foundation using Jane Iredale HD Powder.
3. Sweep Jane Iredale Sheer Honey Blush onto cheeks.
4. Apply Jane Iredale Wink Eyeshadow on cheekbones as a highlight.
5. Use Jane Iredale 'naked' Smooth Affair Primer For Eyes (apply to lids with fingertips).
6. Apply Jane Iredale Cream Eyeshadow over the lid.
7. Blend Jane Iredale Rose Gold Pure Pressed Shadow on the lash line and eye crease.
8. Apply Jane Iredale White Liner on the inner rim of the eyes.
9. Apply Jane Iredale Pure Lash Mascara on the top lashes only.
10. Smooth brows with Jane Iredale Brow Gel.
11. Use Jane Iredale Berry Lip Liner in the very centre of the lips, and Jane Iredale Cindy Lip Colour on the outer centre.
12. To create the reverse ombre look, apply Jane Iredale Yummy Crayon on the outer edge of the lips.

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