For Him: Stylist Samuel Levi on How to Enjoy Wearing A Suit

High profile Kiwi fashion influencer Samuel Levi chimes in on how to feel sweet in a suit.

Grooms' blogger and Kiwi fashion influencer Samuel Levi shares his tips to finding a suit that's as sweet as the partner you're about to wed.

"Getting the guys together and preparing for a wedding is something huge.

It's something that I too will be experiencing for the first time in the coming weeks, when I get myself sorted – or should I say suited – to attend one of my best friend's wedding. Yes, I know it’s not mine, but we still have to make as much effort.

As one of New Zealand's most-followed fashion influencers I get asked a lot about how to prepare yourself for such an event: Which suit to wear, and what's appropriate or not.

A suit is a suit and it is not for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a black, blue or checked look - you might love it, you might hate it, or you might take a while to learn to live with it.

Take me for an example. It took me until last year to really feel comfortable in a suit, and now it’s one of my go-to looks for any event or special occasion.

The trick to being comfortable in a suit?

It's all about the fit - both for your body shape, and your personality!

It's a good idea to find a suit that reflects your personality and is something you will wear again. There is no reason to not wear a suit multiple times – change the shirt or tie colour and you have a fresh new look just like that. Simple.

On a budget? Not a problem.

Most males are all on the same page when it comes to this. There are plenty of options in New Zealand to suit all your needs - excuse the pun.

Hallensteins , Barkers , Working Style , Rembrandt , Crane Brothers , or my favourite and most recent addition to New Zealand – MJ.Bale . They all have a variety of looks, sizes and styles that will be perfect for you and the occasion."

Samuel Levi blogs monthly for New Zealand Weddings. Visit and follow him on Instagram .

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