What Every Bride Should Know Before Shopping For A Gown

Top tips to keep in mind when embarking on the search for 'the one'.

    The Stella York bridal collection is built on elegant design, a perfect fit, and all at the right price. The collection showcases a stunning variety of styles to suit every bride, whether their event style is vintage, boho chic, romantic, or modern glamour.

    “Incredible design is paramount, but brides-to-be shouldn’t underestimate the importance of fit,” says Stella York New Zealand sales and marketing manager Michelle Harris. “We have spent years researching and perfecting the fit of our own gowns. This, along with the high quality construction enhances the figure and will help you look your absolute best.”

    We asked Michelle to share a few more tricks from her experience in the trade.

    What should brides know before embarking on the dress hunt?

    With so many options, dress shopping is fun but it can become tiring and confusing – especially for your entourage – if you visit too many stores. Look at websites first. Designers keep their online collections up-to-date so you can browse. Once you have found the style that you think is for you, start making a few appointments in-store.

    What three questions should a bride ask her dress consultant?

    1. What is the price range of the gowns? I think sometimes brides can be embarrassed to ask but it is such an important question. There is nothing worse than putting on a gown and falling in love with it, only to find that it is way outside what you initially wanted to spend.
    2. How long does a dress take to be made? Some gowns can take up to six months to make and you need to allow time for final fittings.
    3. What styles do you think would suit me? The majority of bridal consultants have had years of experience and have seen so many gowns on many brides to be. There is often a lot of gowns in a store, more than you will be able to try on, so keep your mind open and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone during a fitting. A style you had not thought of could end up being your perfect wedding gown.

    What should brides on a tight budget keep in mind?

    Research first to find out what you can get for the money you want to spend. The key is to be realistic, you are not going to buy a designer gown for $500, and if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Sadly, we are constantly seeing websites using our images. These of course are copies – they don’t have our designs, patterns, or fabrics and so the gown is not the same. I have seen many heartbroken brides fall into this trap, and they often end up having to buy another wedding gown, costing them even more.

    How many people should a bride take to her fitting?

    Shopping for your wedding gown is a wonderful experience, however often large groups can turn into a morning tea catch up rather than a focus on what the bride is there to achieve. I would suggest initially taking two or three people, as too many opinions can be confusing. You can always bring special people back at a later date to show them the beautiful gown you have chosen.

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