How To: Plan a Hen's Party With Ease

Who, what, where ... organise the bride's big night seamlessly thanks to our get-started guide.

Generally the Maid or Matron of Honour is responsible for organising the Hen’s Party, however this is not always the case.

The bride may wish to give the responsibility to another friend she would like to involve in her lead-up to the wedding, or it may be a task shared between bridesmaids. Either way, it’s important to understand who is responsible for this event by consulting with the bride prior to making any plans. Then you can get some key information from her so the organising can begin:

The Date

Ask the bride-to-be for her preferred event date (or range of dates), ensuring there is enough time between the hen’s do and the wedding (yes, recovery time). You can then check the feasibility of this date with key attendees.

Guest list

Who would the bride ideally want at her hen’s do? It’s unlikely you’ll be including every female on the wedding guest list, but at the same time you don’t want to overlook someone dear to her. Ask her to make a list – this will also give you an idea of numbers, which can dictate the kind of event you can plan. Often a larger group will make bigger excursions and entertainment more affordable for everyone.


Consider what would be a realistic sum for each person to spend on a day or night out. (Bear in mind it’s also nice for the group or the bridesmaids to cover the bride-to-be’s cost). It’s a good idea to run the idea and approximate cost past the guests well ahead of time. You don’t want your 50 ‘interested’ people turning into just 15 due to the expense.

Cater to majority

The guest list for a hen’s party can include women of all ages and stages of life (think sisters, mums, great-aunts, colleagues) so be mindful of arranging something that will cater to the majority - a topless waiter might wow the single ladies but could alarm the future mother-in-law. Dividing the day into parts allows guests to choose how much they attend, which could be good for the older crowd who might choose to skip the rowdy drinks, or those with baby-sitting commitments.


Avoid confusion over logistics with regular, clear communication. Group emails are still best to avoid repetition and because not everyone is on the same social media network. Ensure the organiser provides clear contact information for anyone needing clarification on details. Organisers should also keep a guest list with a note of confirmed RSVPs for final numbers. 

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