Where to Begin? Considerations for Catering Success

Successful wedding catering is as much about the food as it is the people lovingly creating and serving it.

    Successful wedding catering is as much about the food as it is the people lovingly creating and serving it. 

    When you choose the best in the business, the pre-planning of menu choices and catering options should leave you with the confidence to not give the process a second thought on your wedding day, leaving you more time to make the most of every moment.  

    Gill Stotter and Emma Sinclair of Gill Stotter Catering offer combined experience spanning more than 30 years. And it shows through their personal, professional service to the Waiheke and greater Auckland region. 

    Where should we begin when thinking about wedding catering? 
    One of the major considerations before researching catering companies is to think about whether you would like to engage with a wedding planner or not. We work with a few fantastic planners, and whilst it is not always essential they can take a lot of guesswork out of planning and carefully direct you to suppliers, like ourselves, that have a lot of local knowledge and experience in the area.

    Another consideration is to think ‘one stop shop’. Is the caterer able to supply professional wait staff to ensure your day runs smooth, as well as organise and supply tableware hire such as glassware, cutlery and china? 
    Should catering be thought prior to choosing a venue? 
    Waiheke Island is an extremely popular wedding destination, especially over the summer months. Venues and caterers book out quickly. It is always a good idea to check the caterer’s availability alongside the venue’s, and if possible be a little flexible on your date to ensure you can secure your preferred venue and perfect caterer for your big day.
    What are the options when it comes to wedding dining? 
    There are a number options when it comes to feeding wedding guests – formal, cocktail, food stations, platter-style and more. It largely depends on factors such as the number of guests, budget, location, and the atmosphere you are trying to achieve.
    With specific dietary requirements more popular than ever, how do we cater for all guests? 
    It is important to ask your guests before your special day about any dietary requirements. Gill Stotter Catering is able to design any special diets around your main menu to ensure that everyone is catered for.
    What dishes do you think are best suited to a winter wedding? 
    Think heart-warming, crowd-pleasing comfort foods, decadent and indulgent. Slow cooked, braised and delicious.
    What are the new trends around wedding dining? 
    There has been a shift away from traditional sit-down dinners. Couples are more likely to choose a cocktail-style reception with food stations or shared platter-style, with fresh and locally-sourced ingredients.
    How do we gauge good value when it comes to catering?
    Good value is a combination of high quality food, and ensuring there is enough for your guests throughout the day and evening.
    What makes a beautiful wedding feast, to you? 
    Platters of colourful, fresh, and seasonal food. Lots of interaction, chatter and clinking glasses.

    Visit gillstottercatering.co.nz for more information. 

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