Meet The Dream Team: The Amazing Travelling Photobooth

Dion Howard tells what's so amazing about his Amazing Travelling Photobooth.

  • Story by As told to Philippa Prentice

Dion Howard tells what's so amazing about his Amazing Travelling Photobooth

Your photo booths are ridiculously good-looking.

We haven't gone for the bare minimum box that hides a computer and camera equipment. Rather, where possible, everything about our booths is handmade; from the cabinetmaker to the sign writer, metal worker and curtain maker, our booths are produced with passion. 

What are they made of?

That depends on the booth. All of our booths are made from secondhand oak furniture that we source from op shops, tip shops and Trade Me. I've lost track of exactly which items of furniture went into which booth, but I do know our booth on Waiheke Island is made from a headboard and a set of drawers that I got from a farm.

What do you provide wedding guests as keepsakes?

Our custom-made envelopes come with any wedding booking. We originally invented the photobooth photostrip envelope because we couldn’t find them anywhere when we started, and we thought that it was a problem to offer a lovely memento, but have it get home in a barely recognisable state after it had been rattling around in your handbag or back pocket. 

Recently, we’ve upped our game further with the special hand-illustrated 'love' envelopes by Mary Adams that also feature a famous line of literature, something profound about love. We get a kick out of people recognising who wrote them, or where they're from. Mary is an amazing illustrator, and having her work on these envelopes makes them more of a treasure than ever. We’re looking forward to some further artist collaborations to extend our range.

We also have a badge-maker, or if you’re American, a 'button’-maker. Badge-makers are super cool. After people’s initial flush of feigned modesty about wearing a badge featuring their own face, and once they realise that they can place their face on someone else's lapel, they go crazy. Badge-makers are going to be big.

What are some cool ideas for photo booth props?

I recommend keeping them simple and personal. In 20 years’ time, you'll appreciate the faces of your family and friends more than you will what was on special at your local discount bargain store. Unless your props are from Geoff’s Emporium in Auckland; I have to say, if you want cool ideas for props, that is one place you could get lost in. With props, you should steer away from using too many cheap ones, and find a few awesome items that’ll get used by lots of people, that also give them a sense that they’re donning something special.

What do you enjoy most about weddings?

To me, the best thing about a wedding is that it’s a day on which a couple celebrates with their friends and family their coming together and embarking on a unique journey. This is all best done with wild generosity and joy.

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