The Groom’s Guide to Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

Leaving the ‘moon to him? Point him in this article’s direction – here, Wedding Travel Specialist Anita Gatley has all the essential tips.

    Leaving the ‘'moon to him? Point him in this article’s direction – here, Wedding Travel Specialist Anita Gatley has all the essential tips.

    When choosing a location, what are three key things to keep in mind? 
    I recommend trying to go somewhere neither of you has been – especially if either or both of you are well travelled. As a married couple, you are starting your lives together and you want to build memories that are special to you both. Also, carefully consider the climate you are heading towards – for instance, our summertime is sometimes not the best time for visiting the South Pacific islands, because it’s their rainy season – it may only rain for an hour or so a night, but unfortunately no one can predict the weather and it could end up raining much more than that!

    How far in advance of the honeymoon is it wise to start planning and booking? 
    The earlier you can start making decisions the better – if you know where you want to go, for instance, you or your Wedding Travel Specialist can start looking out for deals. Anywhere from six to 12 months in advance of your honeymoon will give you plenty of time!

    What are looking to be the hottest locations of 2016?
    Vietnam and Buenos Aires are hot at the moment – largely because Air New Zealand has just started flying there. But for proximity and reliability you can’t beat the old favourites such as Fiji, Rarotonga and my personal favourite Tahiti. 

    What’s one thing a couple can do to give themselves the best chance of guaranteeing a smooth honeymoon?
    Honestly, recruit the help of a travel agent. At Wedding Travel, our Wedding Travel Specialists have personally travelled to and picked excellent honeymoon destinations – they aren't going to send you to a resort full of kids! Additionally, having experienced lots of the extra activities targeted at honeymooners in these destinations, they can tell you which ones to try and which to swerve. Book these extras here as part of your package and you will save money – once you’re there, you are a captive audience and many suppliers will charge you more simply because they can. Plus, a good Wedding Travel Specialist will use their contacts to get you upgrades on flights, better rooms and free excursions or spa treatments where they can. You may think by booking direct with a property you are getting a better deal – wrong! Remember, your Wedding Travel Specialist will be part of a group and have better buying power. Not to mention they will include everything – airfares, transfers, accommodation, travel insurance – so all you have to think about is enjoying your honeymoon!

    Any extra tips? 
    Take a copy of your wedding license with you – suppliers will often want to see this before they offer you any honeymoon bonuses. 

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