Win Your Dream Wedding: Countdown 'Til I Do

Not sure what to expect from your week before the wedding? Get an inside peek into our Dream Wedding bride's experience.

    Not sure what to expect from your week before the wedding? Get an inside peek into our Dream Wedding bride Marysa's experience.

    The lead up to the wedding has been great. Up until this point it still hasn’t quite hit that we’re getting married! Family and friends have arrived from all over over the past few days – Christchurch, Wellington, Nelson, Sydney, Bangkok, Zurich, Mexico City and London. My family has been able to spend the week up here so it’s been amazing bonding with them again and spending time with my nieces each day. 

    Like many brides, I’ve had quite a few beauty treatments leading up to the wedding. Peter thought it was a bit excessive, but I’ve had to remind him that it’s not everyday I get married! I’ve had my hair coloured and cut, my eyebrows and lashes tinted and a pedicure. 

    We’ve been pretty organised, but there are always last-minute tasks to be done the day before a wedding, and while everyone offered to help today, Pete and I felt that it was easier to just do these jobs ourselves. We spent time collecting the suits from Frank Casey, having my engagement ring cleaned, making kids ‘fun packs’, then socialising with all our family and friends who have travelled here to be with us. 

    We didn’t have a rehearsal of the ceremony – instead we met for coffee with our celebrant Melanie Kerr to go over our vows and the order of service. We have a lot of confidence in Melanie, just from the couple of brief meetings we had with her, and know she will run our ceremony smoothly! We didn’t feel we needed to practice walking up the aisle, but we did have a run-through with our nephews and nieces walking up some stairs and holding hands down the aisle. 
    I also organised a nail artist to come to our house to give us all Shellac manicures – my little nieces felt so special to be included too.  Peter, with the help of his brother-in-law, made a wonderful, rustic ‘Just Married’ sign for us to hang on the back of the tender tomorrow when we head to shore to have our photographs taken. 
    We wanted to leave little treats of bottled water and Whittakers chocolate for our guests in their cabins, so we needed these to be transported down to the Hauraki Blue catamaran, where we'll be getting married, partying, and staying the night with our guests. Emily, our planner from New Zealand Weddings has been super-helpful with miscellaneous jobs like this. My parents have also been amazing, organising all the food and drink for the day-after barbecue we’ve been planning. 
    This evening we’ve been at my Barrefigure studio printing out telegrams, arranging the final seating plan and practising our choreographed ‘first dance’ one last time before going our separate ways to spend the night apart. 

    Marysa and Peter won a $60,000 wedding, courtesy of New Zealand Weddings. For the full story of Marysa and Peter’s stunning wedding, check out the Autumn issue, out March 30. 

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