9 Last-Minute Wedding Details Not to Forget

Save yourself a world of stress by adding these tasks to your pre-wedding checklist, stat!

  • Story by Photo Nisha Ravji

Save yourself a world of stress by adding these tasks to your pre-wedding checklist, stat!

Confirm itineraries
Take note of all the people who factor into your big-day scheduling – from your florist to your flower girl – and confirm the exact timing of their arrivals via email a week ahead of “I do”.

Tidy your getting-ready area
Chances are, this is where your photographer will begin their documentation of the day. Clear any clutter that could distract in photos.

Organise a place for gifts
Even if you have arranged gifts from your registry to be delivered post-wedding, there's still likely to be a portion of the congregation who bring theirs to the ceremony and will hand them over at any moment from your post-ceremony receiving line to midway through the reception. Have a dedicated basket or table ready, and a bridal party or family member prepped to direct the gifts there.

Have a post-wedding plan
Not going on honeymoon straight after your wedding? That doesn’t mean shouldn’t spend your first night as husband and wife somewhere special. Book a hotel, and a friend or family member to check you in in advance for a hassle-free arrival – ensure this is okay with your hotel a few days ahead of time. Equally, consider how you’ll be getting around the day after – do you need to have someone deliver your car to the hotel ahead of time?

Sort your honeymoon essentials
If you are heading on honeymoon straight away, it pays to pack the majority of your luggage a week in advance. Even if you feel highly organised, in the week before your vows you'll probably be busy catching up with relatives, assembling favours, or extinguishing last-minute planning fires. Instead of throwing packing into the mix too, gathering your luggage with a clear head will ensure you don’t forget anything.

Eat on the day
From the minute you wake on your big day, time will fly by in a flurry of beauty appointments, photos, greetings and sips of champagne. You’ll be so distracted, it’s unlikely you’ll notice you’re hungry. A wedding day is a marathon, not a sprint, and to save yourself keeling over before the finish line, you need to be nourished accordingly, so be sure to have a substantial breakfast, and snack at regular intervals throughout the day. 

Prepare the paperwork
Signing your marriage certificate is one of the most important parts of the day – you don’t want your schedule to be thrown hours out of kilter because no one remembered to bring it. You need to apply for one at least three days ahead of your wedding. Consider giving it to your celebrant for safe keeping.

Discuss the details
If you have clear styling ideas in mind, relay them in advance to your stylist, wedding co-ordinator, venue staff or whoever will be setting up on the day. This will save you from fielding phone calls while you’re trying to get ready.

Clear the reception venue and return borrowed items
From wedding gifts to flowers, to food, to mementos (your guest book and cake topper, for instance), your wedding leftovers will need to be escorted from the building. Ask the venue staff how soon this needs to happen, and arrange a friend or family member to do the honours for you. Similarly, if you hired props, furniture or garments, establish when they need to be taken back and who can help you. 

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