Fashion Week Quick-Fire: Bobbi Brown

When thinking makeup, what three words should a bride keep top of mind? Bobbi Brown studio managers share their best tips.

  • Story by Photo Jessica Higueras

When thinking makeup, what three words should a bride keep top of mind? Bobbi Brown studio managers share their best tips. 

What are three words that evoke the essence of the Bobbi Brown makeup looks for the New Zealand Weddings Collection show at Fashion Week?
Bex: For the spring-inspired bride: radiant, feminine and joyful. For the natural-makeup bride: fresh, dewy and naturally gorgeous.
Ashley: For the spring-inspired bride: radiant, luminous and fresh. For the natural-makeup bride: Natural, nude and luminous. Less is more.

Which Bobbi Brown products did you use to achieve these looks?
Bex: For the spring look, I used Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation, Tinted Eye Brightener, Sheer Finish Pressed Powder, Everything Mascara, Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks in Pale Pink, Caviar Ink Long-wear Gel Liner, Lipstick in Spring Pink, Lip Liner in Ballet Pink, Perfectly Defined Long-wear Brow Pencil in Saddle and Eye Shadow in Antique Rose, Wheat, Champagne Shimmer and Bone.
Ashley: For the natural look, I used Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm, Skin Foundation Stick, Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks in Calypso Coral, Long-wear Cream Shadow in Sandy Gold, Sparkle Eye Shadow in Silver Moon Sparkle and Eye Shadow in Mahogany.

What excites you about makeup for today’s bride?
Bex: I’m so inspired by beautiful, radiant skin, when skin looks multi-dimensional and glows and light bounces of all the highpoints, like the cheekbones, forehead, bridge of nose, Cupid’s bow and inner eye. It’s about finding that true essence of each woman and enhancing her natural beauty so her confidence blossoms.

What are three words brides should keep in mind with regards to bridal makeup?
Bex: Clean, fresh and modern.
Ashley: Radiant, beautiful and, most importantly, true to themselves.

What are the general rules for brides when it comes to choosing products?
Bex: Avoid anything too glittery or frosted. Beware of sunscreen in products as it can be affected by a camera flash. Avoid wearing too much lip gloss − think of that kiss! And go for a classic rather than a trendy look – those photos will be around a lot longer than the latest fad.
​Ashley: Bridal makeup is best kept timeless. 

When should the bride get her makeup done on the day, when there’s Mum and bridesmaids also in the line-up?
Bex: The bride should always have her makeup done last as she wants it to look the freshest and last the longest. When the bridesmaids and family are done, it’s the bride’s time to gather her thoughts and enjoy being pampered.

Do you have any tips for a bride’s makeup trial?
Bex: A makeup trial is essential. It’s your opportunity to work with your makeup artist and get a look and feel of your makeup for the big day. Ideas, concepts and colour matches can be tested and from this your makeup artist will be able to organise the correct timeline to follow on the day so everything runs to plan.
Ashley: Experiment with using the simplest of products that create a real impact. And don’t be afraid to try something new.

How can you ensure a makeup look won’t become dated?
Bex: Stick to neutral tones such as nudes, natural browns, taupe, peach, apricot, coral and soft pink. Hues that are soft, pretty and classic are timeless.
Ashley: Keep the makeup simple, fresh and timeless.

Which three products should brides have on hand for touch-ups on the big day?
Bex: Lipstick, powder and blusher.
Ashley: I suggest four essentials – lipstick, compact powder, concealer and mascara.

Which Bobbi Brown lip shades are popular right now?
Bex: Sheer Lip Color in Spring Pink, Creamy Lip Color in Rose Petal and Lip Color in Beige.
Ashley: Plums, dark reds and rosy pinks.

And what’s your Bobbi Brown product of the moment?
Bex: Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks in Telluride – the most beautiful soft, nude, creamy blusher and lip combo. It’s simply divine.
Ashley: I'm in love with our Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm. It’s absolutely amazing.

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