6 Alternative Ideas for Entertainment

Give your day a point of difference with entertainment to remember.

  • Story by Photo Greta Kenyon

Give your day a point of difference with entertainment to remember.

1.     A fresh spin on music

Mainstream music played by an upbeat band always goes down a treat – but for a fresh spin on this time-honoured entertainment option, choose a group that specialises in an alternative genre. Think a country singer for a farm wedding, or a Mariachi band to amplify a Mexican theme.

2.     Circus

This is guaranteed to be a show stopper. Although it might slightly break the budget, it’s sure to be a spectacular show – research fire breathers or acrobats in your area, or go all-out and hire a combination of performers.

3.     Lanterns

This is a sentimental way to end a wedding and acts as a chance for everyone to take a moment of reflection. The lanterns can be bought cheaply, in varying sizes meaning you guests can let them off in teams of two or by themselves. Additionally, when everyone lets them off simultaneously, a lantern-filled sky makes a photogenic backdrop. To ensure the least environmental damage, avoid lanterns with wires, rather pick ones with fire pouches in the centre. And don’t forget to make a wish!

4.     Caricatures

This will both entertain your guests and act as an artistic icebreaker. Whether they are laughing at each other’s drawings, chatting in the line or asking someone to get a drawing done with them – they’ll never stop mingling. (And they’ll leave with a unique favour!)

5.     Magician or Comedian

Both of these entertainers are guaranteed to keep your guests amused, breaking the ice, encouraging laughter and setting your guests up for easy conversation all night long. To ensure everyone has a good time, clue your entertainer in on any guests that may not enjoy being called upon to volunteer – and equally, any that will revel in the moment!

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