How To: Start A Health Plan (And Stick To It)

It’s one thing resolving to “be so healthy this week” (we’ve all been there), it’s entirely another actually doing it – and sticking to it.

    It’s one thing resolving to “be so healthy this week” (we’ve all been there), it’s entirely another actually doing it – and sticking to it. Here to help is Lifestream naturopath Erica Lahmert. She shares how to get motivated, how to get started and, most importantly, how to keep on keeping on. 

    Getting started on a healthy eating plan is often the hardest part – do you have any suggestions for boosting motivation?
    The most important thing is that any changes are gradual, and will suit your budget and lifestyle long term. An effective start to a new lifestyle needn’t be a complete overhaul – it can be as simple as adding a superfood smoothie into your morning routine to boost your intake of greens and give you more energy to get through the day. 

    Would you recommend a cleanse or a kickstart detox if a bride is trying to boost health motivation? What would this involve?
    Our skin, energy and vitality are all good reflections of digestive and bowel health. Planning a wedding can often change your normal routine, sometimes leaving less time to rest and digest. This can slow down your body’s natural ability to detoxify and can lead to poor weight management. If your skin is looking a little dull and tired, or you’re feeling rundown and sluggish, then you may need a little extra help cleansing your digestive system. For glowing skin and to be in the best shape for your big day then try Lifestream Cleanse – the products in this kit will support the body's natural internal detoxification process and help soothe and calm the stomach. 

    When embarking on a new fitness plan and expending more energy, it makes sense that tweaks should be made to the diet to compensate – what supplements would you recommend to support this?
    Lifestream Essential Protein is an ideal nutrient top up, breakfast alternative or in between meals. This unique vegetarian blend contains fibre and protein to make you feel fuller for longer and will help to balance blood sugar levels. 

    When it comes to falling off the bandwagon, stress is often one of the main instigators. Sadly, life as a bride-to-be is sometimes conducive to stress – how can you minimise the effects of tension and anxiety?
    Processed foods, takeaways, chocolate, caffeine, wine – these are some of the goodies we reach for when we are on the go, stressed or running on empty. Unfortunately, they can put added stress on the body leading to bloated tums, breakouts and lethargy. Try to include wholefoods into your diet as well as Vitamin C – this supports collagen production for healthy, glowing skin and is beneficial during times of stress.

    Even the most virtuous of diets could benefit from supplementation at times – what are the ultimate ‘hero’ nutrient-boosters for brides?
    Lifestream Vitamin B complex supports energy levels, mood and nerves. Lifestream Cleanse aids digestion, a healthy complexion and vitality.
    Lifestream Vitamin C and Essential Berries for anti-aging and healthy skin. 

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