Let’s Get Physical: How To Nail Your Pre-Wedding Health Kick

We consulted a personal trainer to bring you all the advice you need.

    Amelia-Jane Hoffman is the owner and trainer at Fit, Gorgeous Brides – a personal health and nutrition service catering specifically to soon-to-be-weds – including grooms – and their bridal parties. Who better then, to dispense getting-into-shape advice ahead of the big day?

    In your opinion, what’s the best technique for boosting bridal health and fitness?

    At Fit, Gorgeous Brides we take a holistic approach – and I think this is the best way. With your fitness goals and wedding dress style in mind, we provide you with workouts to do in the gym and at home, along with a clean-eating nutrition plan. It’s a movement towards a healthier lifestyle, rather than a crash-diet, short-term approach.

    If you were to prescribe the ultimate day of bridal healthy eating, what would it look like?

    I’d start off with a shot of apple cider vinegar mixed with water – as well as being good for your metabolism and balancing your blood sugar levels, it makes your hair and skin look amazing. Breakfast would include a mix of protein and good fats – think protein pancakes or chia seed pudding. Cauliflower ‘rice’ cooked with either chicken or chorizo sausage, tomatoes, spinach, feta and a small amount of coconut oil makes a great lunch. For an afternoon snack, I’d recommend a juice or protein shake – especially before hitting the gym – and then a salmon steak on sautéed spinach with asparagus or broccoli for dinner. Throughout the day, a handful of nuts, an apple with almond butter with green tea or coconut water make great snacks, and it’s essential to drink two litres of water throughout the day – one litre before lunch, and another before 4pm.

    How much exercise should a bride be getting a week?

    I recommend 30 to 40 minutes, six days a week, with the seventh day being an active rest day. By active rest I mean gentle exercise: going to the beach for a swim with friends, playing tennis, doing a yoga session or taking a stroll.

    What different types of exercise are most effective for fat loss and toning up?

    A few days a week of resistance training with weights or body weight to boost metabolism, five days of cardio (two of which should be high-intensity 20-minute sessions for fat burning) and a 20-30 minute session of pilates to focus on posture, lengthening muscles and engaging the core.

    What should a bride do when she’s struggling for motivation?

    There are a few ways to get your inspiration back. I ban all my clients from weighing themselves and instead advise them to take photos of themselves every four weeks – this way they notice the little changes, such as less bloating or firmer arms. It’s also great to set yourself a four-week goal; if you reach it, you reward yourself with something like a manicure or a massage. Lastly, find friends and family to work out with, try a new exercise class or hire a trainer to keep you accountable until you’re back in the thick of your good habits!

    What’s your final piece of advice for brides embarking on a health plan?

    Plan ahead and take it one day at a time. It’s easier to make one or two small changes every four weeks (and stick to them) than it is to try and change your entire lifestyle overnight, only to give up because it feels too hard a week or two later.

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