10 Wedding Details Not to Forget

These big-day specifics slip the mind almost too easily – sidestep the trap by consulting this essential checklist.

    These big-day specifics slip the mind almost too easily – sidestep the trap by consulting this essential checklist.

    The marriage licence
    Apply for a licence through your local registrar, who you can find by checking the Department of Internal Affairs’ website or by contacting your district court. It normally takes three working days for a licence to be issued, so make sure you leave plenty of time – and remember, you also need to collect two copies of the Copy of Particulars of Marriage to give your celebrant. Licences last for three months from the date of issue.

    Right this way, please
    Make sure your guests don’t turn up in the middle of the ceremony because they got lost on the way to the venue. Include directions with your invitations or add the information to your wedding website. On the day, set up signs to indicate parking, toilets and other key locations.

    The numbers game
    Remember to count yourself and the groom in your official numbers for things such as seating and catering. It’s a common mistake to only count your guests.

    Hot and cold
    Be prepared for how the temperature changes throughout your event. Warm days often lead to cooler nights; so depending on when and where you are exchanging vows, consider having blankets or pashminas for guests when the sun sets.

    Up and away
    To avoid unnecessary stress (and the potential for forgetting any essentials), pack for your honeymoon a week prior to the celebration instead of the day before, so you’re able to fully focus on the task.

    Music to my ears
    Prepare an extra CD with the first song and other special dances for the reception just in case you experience technical difficulties.

    Slip, slop, slap
    Include an SPF moisturiser in your skincare to prevent being sunburnt by the end of the day. A makeup artist will be able to advise you on products that won’t reflect the camera’s flash.

    Clear the way
    Prepare for getting-ready bridal portraits by cleaning up the area so there are no unwanted items or clutter in the background. Photographers doing documentary-style shots may not realise you don’t want them around.

    Food glorious food
    Amid a busy day, remembering to keep your energy up with a steady food intake can easily slip your mind. Have your maid of honour prompt you to eat so you aren’t downing the bubbles on an empty stomach.

    All write with me
    If you are having a guest book, remember to bring the pens. Providing a selection of colours will create a more visually interesting look.  

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