Insider Secrets: Jane Iredale

In the business of all things bold and beautiful, Dorothy Ng from Jane Iredale mineral makeup artfully created our Dream Wedding bride’s bridal beauty look.

    Dorothy Ng from Jane Iredale mineral makeup chatted to New Zealand Weddings about her favourite trends, her advice for brides, and where she finds inspiration.

    What’s special about Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup?  

    After witnessing the damage that conventional cosmetics were doing to models and actresses during her time working in film and television, Jane Iredale set her own mission to produce a makeup line that was an extension of skincare and one that benefitted a woman’s skin. Her first mineral product Amazing Base was launched 20 years ago, and now the extensive range of mineral makeup is available in 43 countries all over the world.

    How soon before the wedding should a bride start looking for a makeup artist?

    It depends what time of the year the wedding is taking place. If it’s wedding season, it is best to book your makeup artist sooner than later as a good makeup artist will be booked well in advance. Consider booking at least two or three months ahead of the wedding so you have plenty of time for a makeup trial.

    When should your trial take place?

    Schedule it a few weeks out from the wedding to make sure that you are happy with your beauty look and so you have time to make any changes. It is also good to try and have the trial done at the same time of day that your nuptials will be taking place so that you can check the makeup against the lighting.

    What are two ‘must-dos’ for a makeup artist when doing a brides makeup? 1) Always use contouring to enhance the bride’s best features. 2) A defined eyebrow and well cared-for skin are essentials!

    Tips for applying makeup that will last all day?

    First, prepare skin with a lightweight moisturiser, followed by a primer which will hold your mineral base in place all day. Once the base is applied, dust a high definition finishing powder on top for a flawless look in all your photos. Carry a hydration spray with you in your bridal beauty bag – regularly applying a few light spritzes will keep your makeup fresh throughout the day.

    How do the seasons affect the type of makeup used?  

    Our skin type may change depending on the season. In winter, skin can be dryer and in summer skin tends to be a bit shinier. Make sure your skin is prepped accordingly and the products used are suitable for the season.

    What is one trend in bridal makeup at present?

    Many modern brides are bucking tradition by opting for a semi-dark smoky eye with a very contoured cheekbone.

    What is one thing a bride should remember when deciding on her bridal look?

    When you look back at your photos, are you going to like this bridal beauty look on you? Your wedding photos depict your special day for years to come, so you need to be sure that you will still be happy with the decision you make today.

    Also, when searching for makeup looks and inspiration, keep in mind that you may have a different eye or face shape than the person in the picture and it may or may not suit you. This is another reason to trial the makeup look well in advance of the wedding so you can make any changes required.

    What items do you recommend a bride carry in her big day beauty bag?

    The jane iredale Blotting papers, D2O Hydration spritz, a PureMoist lipcolour and gloss.

    What advice would you give a bride who has opted to do her own big day makeup? Give yourself plenty of time! It’s a hectic day and if you don’t leave yourself time for the makeup, you are going to be stressed and won’t be able to apply it properly.

    Any advice for brides to be?  

    Don’t try and change your look completely. Remember that you still want to look like yourself at your most beautiful.

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