Insider Secrets: Sweet Bites Cakes

They’re fondant fiends, ganache gurus, piping perfectionists. With hundreds of sugary sensations under their cake-decorating toolbelt, Sweet Bites Cakes was the cherry on top of our 2014 Win Your Dream Wedding ‘Dream Team’.

    They’re fondant fiends, ganache gurus, piping perfectionists. With hundreds of sugary sensations under their cake-decorating toolbelt, Sweet Bites Cakes was the cherry on top of our 2013 Win Your Dream Wedding ‘Dream Team’. Entrusted with the challenge of crafting Michael and Amanda’s wedding cake, New Zealand Weddings spoke to Sondra and her team about tiers, trends, and temperature.

    What’s the best way for a bride to see your work and organise a consultation?

    The first step would be to check out our website gallery and Facebook page. If you like our work, we recommend booking a consultation to try our cakes, and we can take you through the design process step by step.

    What does a bride need for her consultation?

    We advise couples bring any colour swatches, wedding stationery or inspiration pictures that could help continue their wedding theme through to their cake design.

    Where do you find inspiration?

    We draw inspiration from fashion trends and modern cake decorating techniques showcased overseas.

    Who do you admire for their design sense?

    I personally love Peggy Porschen from the UK. I was inspired to give cake decorating a go after I purchased one of her books.

    Where should a bride start with her cake search?

    I recommend jumping online to do some research. Sift through Google Images, wedding blogs or Pinterest to find designs that appeal to you, then save them in a file. It’s very common to find that a lot of the pictures you save will look very similar, so will help guide you towards your final design.

    When should a bride decide on her wedding cake and how early should she order it from you?

    If you’re planning your wedding during spring or summer we recommend booking a consultation  four to six months before your wedding date.  We fill up pretty quickly during wedding season and take bookings up to two years in advance. Meeting with your cake designer and confirming your order with a deposit will secure your wedding date. Final design and flavour selections can be planned for later in the process.

    What should a bride’s ultimate goal be with her wedding cake?

    To still love it when looking back at her wedding photos 10 years from now!

    What are three important factors for a bride to consider when she’s planning the cake style for her wedding?

    Consider your venue. For example, if you are having a rustic-themed cake in a non-airconditioned barn, you may be restricted on what kind of icing you have, or if you’re holding your reception in a grand ballroom, a small two-tier cake might not have the impact you were hoping for. Structural strength is also important – a yacht reception would need a cake that’s structurally sound, so it’s probably not a good idea to opt for pillars and separated tiers.

    What are three questions that a bride should ask her cake designer?

    1.     Do  they have a delivery service available? This will save you a lot of stress.

    2.     Can they provide examples or photos of their own work that are similar to what you would like?

    3.     Can they advise you on cake sizing and proportions that are enough to feed your guests and look aesthetically pleasing?

    What are some unique ways to use a cake in your wedding styling?

    Using your cake as the central focus in a dessert station or candy bar is a novel way to present it.  Also, look for alternatives to the traditional cake stand – for example, if you are having a rustic-themed wedding, consider placing your cake on a polished tree stump slab.

    What if you’re getting married in winter vs summer – what’s a merit of each?

    Winter is a great time to opt for chocolate overload cakes without the fear of melted puddles, and summertime is perfect if you want to feature fresh seasonal flowers on top of your cake.

    What’s the most popular cake style today?

    The cake designs we get asked most for at the moment include vintage themed cakes, with florals, lace and ruffles proving to be popular embellishments.

    Do you have any tips for a bride who is shopping for a wedding cake on a budget?

    Consider dropping your dessert course and increasing the size of your cake by a few inches to allow for dessert-size portions.  Serve your cake plated with berry coulis and fresh cream. 

    What’s the most important thing for a bride to remember when it comes to her wedding day cake?

    If you’re serving your cake with coffee, remember that your wedding cake is essentially finger food.  Layers of fillings and sponge cakes will not be practical!

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