Get the Look: Sky-High Updo

The ultimate finish to a high-glamour look? This updo.

  • Story by Photo Carolyn Haslett

The ultimate finish to a high-glamour look? This updo. 

What you'll need:
- a hairtie
- bobby pins
- hairspray
- attentive bridesmaids

Best for: 
Medium to long hair

What to do:
1. Wash your hair one or two days before you style it - if it's too clean it will be too floppy. 

2. Tie hair into a very high ponytail using an elastic band. 
3. Back comb the inside of the ponytail over an area of about 4cm, turn the hair into itself and tuck the end in under the elastic. Secure the edges with pins and splay the hair as shown. 
4. Spray with hairspray to secure. 
5. Keep your hair looking the part throughout the day by getting your bridesmaids to keep an eye out for any stray hairs falling out of place, and securing them again with hairspray and pins. 

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