Bridal Buzz: Hello Autumn

Stay up to date with all that’s new and noted in the world of weddings – we give you the lowdown on this week’s bridal buzz

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Stay up to date with all that’s new and noted in the world of weddings – and with the summer sun setting, we give you the lowdown on this week’s ‘hello Autumn’ bridal buzz 

Fabulous fall fashion

There's nothing like a daring splash of colour to command the attention of a room. Whether you're heading on honeymoon, or just looking for the perfect accessories to complement your newly engaged glow, Number One Shoes' new season boots and vibrant scarfs, belts and handbags have jumped to the top of our must-have list. 

Lovely lingerie 

We all want lingerie that feels just as comfortable as it is feminine and sexy – but it’s not always easy to find. That's why we're swooning over Rose and Thorne’s newest range – the affordable, elegant silk and lace creations are ideal for all shapes and sizes.

Beautiful Bridesmaids 

Augustine International has taken the stress out of choosing bridesmaid attire with its stunning new range of look-at-me dresses. Featuring designs that can be tailor-made to match your colour palette and wedding style, there's an option for everyone.

Polish and Dazzle

A wedding day might seem like it's all about the bride, but nothing will distract guests faster than a shoddily dressed groom. Help him look his best by directing him to Crane Brothers – best-quality suiting alongside a strong selection of shoehorns, brushes and polishes make Crane Brothers the one-stop shop for any sharp dressed man. 

Aromatic Bliss

 Not everyone can afford to walk on a bed of rose petals down the aisle, or have an abundance of fragrant floral arrangements scattered throughout their wedding venue – but there are many others ways to enhance the serene and romantic atmosphere with aromatherapy. Our faves of the moment? The luxurious selections of The Aromatherapy Company, Mor and Linden Leaves.

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